Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Shower Sponge+Cake Love!

So who loves taking long showers? ME! ME! ME!

I not only love trying out new shower gels and creams but also loofahs. I try almost all loofahs i come across (yes, even the ones that come free with shower gels). 

Today i am going to introduce you to the the best shower sponge that i have ever come across. Before this i never knew that a small thing like a shower sponge could make such a difference in a girl's life.

It is the Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge.

PRICE- 3.5$

 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION- "A must-have for all bathing beauties! Our gentle sponge has a convenient, subtly-striped strap and is the perfect puffy accessory for a luxurious cleansing experience. The super soft texture creates a more luxurious lather using less shower gel," as explained in the website.

This sponge is much bigger than the other sponges we see in the market. It is firm and tightly wrapped. The stripes in the strap of the product set it apart and make it look classy. The sponge feels really soft on the skin and cleanses very well. 
Talking of durability this sponge is excellent. It has lasted me for over a year now. I do maintain it by washing it regularly but it never seemed like it would fall apart.

  • feels very soft
  • durability
  • available in variety of colors
  • striped strap is strong and convenient to use
  • lathers very well

  • pricier than other shower sponges (but it lasts very long)
  • availability

Last Words- The product is the best i have tried so far. It is a must have. Unfortunately it is not available easily in India. However i did spot it on amazon.com. If not there then you can definitely ask someone to get it for you from States..after all what are good friends for? 

Now, its time to share my latest crush with you, presenting The Red Velvet Cake at Starbucks!

Have you visited Starbucks yet? Share your favorites and i would love to try it in my next visit.


  1. Hi dear, nice to meet you and for the lovely comment!
    I've a similar sponge too and it works veeery well!!
    The cake is superyummyy!!!

  2. I loved that loofah! I am using the one from Bodyshop. Will surely try this one when i get my hands on iit. That cake looks yummmm!!! Xx http://www.yourbeautypal.com/2014/03/05/skinyoga/#more-526

    1. hi payal, body shop too makes lovely loofahs!


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