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Welcome to my blog.      

Thank you so much for stopping by kohlcrush. I am an enthusiast for makeup,skincare and fashion. After having read infinite blogs and watching tons of youtube beauty videos kohlcrush was born. I choose to write about the things that I buy, my recommendations and in general about everything else that catches my attention.
 How can I forget to mention that I am a proud holder of a Degree, in Masters in Economics? 
My love for Economics makes me indulge not only in high end products but also in excellent high street products. 

I hope my blog introduces you to new techniques, tempts you buy what is right for you and warns you against buying what is not right for you! 

my beauty profile
  • skin type- combination to dry
  • skin tone-  MAC NC 42
  • hair color- black
  • hair type- straight long hair, oily scalp with dry ends

get to know me better

  • i love pink, turquoise and yellow
  • my search for a the perfect hair product that de-tangles long hair is yet to be accomplished
  • i strictly believe that jeans and cosmetics should be branded
  • i never comprimise on 'moisturizing'
  • i strongly believe that untidy hair and inappropriate shoes can spoil the best makeup looks
  • when it comes to 'makeup' my favourite is 'eye makeup', i think there is alot to explore!
  • cooking soothes me & yes i love tweety bird!

So, thats pretty much me! 
contact me- rinni.mishra@gmail.com

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