Monday, 28 July 2014

Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel~Nice Or Not?

Hi Dollies,
When it comes to shower gels, the first shower gel that I ever used was from Palmolive. Since many years I had not touched this brand. When I came across Palmolive Ayurituel Jouyous Shower gel,I grabbed it as it looked quite promising.

Friday, 25 July 2014

L'oreal Hair Spa Olive Oil~ worth a shot?

Hello dolls! The post today was requested by some of my readers a while back when I posted my current haircare routine . It took me so much time to post my review as I really wanted to be sure of what I think.
One can use the Loreal Hair Spa Olive oil as a hair oil or as a leave in. Apart from olive oil, this oil also contains vitamin e and natural flower oil.
price- Rs 250 for 100 ml

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How To Bleach At Home Safely: Oxylife Crème Bleach With Glow Serum

All of us are aware that we should keep ourselves away from bleaching often. However once in a while it is important for us to indulge.I have sensitive dry skin, even a wonder ingredient like 'Haldi/Turmeric' gives me rashes, yes my skin is that sensitive :(
I once had a terrible incident in a reputed salon while bleaching, my skin turned red and started burning! Since then I have started bleaching at home as I just cant risk that incident again. In fact my mother recalls that she has been safely bleaching her face at home since 20-25 years.
Oxylife and VLCC are 2 brands which have good bleaching products in the Indian Market. Out of the two i prefer Oxylife as it delivers more drastic effects. This product comes with a whole kit- a pre bleach cream,a white creme, an activator, and a glow serum. The glow serum is a new introduction.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Clarins Gloss Appeal #05: Review + Swatches

''Clarins. A grown-up gloss for all seasons with different finishes. Some transparent, some creamy and some shimmery. Contains Olive extracts, vitamins A and E. Plumps, hydrates, smoothes and protects lips. Gives lightly almond scent. Colors Available - No. 00 Crystal, No. 01 Ylang, No. 02 Ginger, No. 03 Paradise, No. 04 Sorbet, No. 05 Hibiscus, No. 06 Orchid, No. 07 Grape. Pack Size - 5.5ml/0.18oz.''

This is how the cosmetic giant Clarins describes their ''Gloss Appeal'' range. The shade #05 is transparent with a slight coral tinge. It is has particles of shimmer which reflects at certain angles when it comes in contact with light. It is of non sticky and non gritty texture. Staying power of the gloss is decent. (2-3 hours).

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mango Breakfast Facial

Mango being the king of all fruits, does not only taste amazing but also has beauty benefits. Few months more and mangoes will no longer be available so let us make full use of this delicious fruit now!
I am not much into diy, I only indulge in homemade stuff when I actually find the diy procedure to be simple and very effective.

Mangoes are high in Vitamin A & C, which make it a power house rich in anti oxidants. This means mangoes impart younger looking skin, and thus prevents ageing.
Why is the word 'breakfast' added to the name of this facial? Simply because it includes almonds,oats and milk!
I like using raw milk as it has so many benefits which arent destroyed by boiling. It contains lactic acid and has various kinds of healing and skin lightening properties. Oats and almonds are excellent for exfoliation.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Aztec Print Attraction: How to Style & Mobile Cover

Hello all you beautiful people. Today I am going to talk about my love affair with 'Aztec Prints' in the fashion world. There is something about the geometric designs and the color combination which makes me love the print so much. Aztec Fashion is inspired from the Azetc people, who belonged to ethnic groups of central Mexico.

How to style?

The Aztec Print is somewhat loud, so i prefer to style it with nuetral colors and keep low on the accessories. I stick to solid colors which compliment the print. Also I dont go 'all bling' with this print as i want the beautiful Aztec Print to draw everyones attention.
I have an Aztec print dress from Myntra that I love. See how I style it HERE

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Summer Outfit: Cuteness Personified

Shorts and tank tops scream summer to me. I prefer loose-fitted comfortable clothes in summer so that my skin can breathe. When it comes to colors I like indulging in bright oranges and pinks. I have never come across a pair of shorts and tank top combo that looked cuter than the illustration below-

Embrace this summer with a pair of denim cut offs, team it up with a bright bow back tank and nude shades. The bow back tank top is my favourite. It is super easy to create, however, let me know if want a diy. To add to the look go for a cute pair of black (kitten) flats. 


kohlcrush tip: try to tie your hair up with this cute bow back top so that the 'bow' can be seen and appreciated by others. The bow is an eye candy and so one does not need any added accessories!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Classic Summer Favorite: The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

Honestly, I was never a fan of TBS. I never seem to be very connected with most of their fragrances.I mean i never found a 'wow' or 'cant live without' kind of a product in their range ( you know what i mean)!

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel, however, is an exception! It has a fresh, citrusy smell. The gel is orange in color and lasts for a very long time. It is not at all drying on the skin, infact this is something I appreciate about all TBS Shower gels. It does a great job cleansing my skin and awakens my senses in the shower with its refreshing fruity fragrance. The fragrance is strong but vanishes right after bath.

Priced at Rs 340 for 250 ml, this shower gel will last you for a long time.
Last Words- The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel is truly a Summer Classic Favourite which i have and will always go back to. I would say, Girls, who love oranges go fetch your Satsuma Shower gels soon..what are you waiting for?

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monsoon Update: NOTD Lakme Color Crush #90

''Oh yeah I'll tell you something.. I think you'll understand
                                     When I say that something.... I wanna hold your hand....''

Didn't Beatles nail it in their very first single? Okay, so I am listening to this awesome song 
while I write for all you lovely ladies out there!
The post today is a little different, I was bored of posting reviews after reviews. Yes, you are guessing it right....this post is somewhat related to "hands" :) I know it sounds weird..hee..hee!

Okay so I am done with all my strange jokes now. Although I love growing my nails and painting them, once in a while I cut them short and leave them naked to breathe. Also I have made the habit of applying hand creams whenever my hands feel dry (which happens a lot by the way). Read about hand creams that i use- here

Monsoons have arrived and there is greenery every where. So I planned on applying a vibrant green nail paint from the Lakme Color Crush Collection. The number of the shade is 90, I wish they would have taken some effort to name these nail polishes!
Anyway, the color is a bright green color, perfect for this season.
Price- Rs 125

In case you are wondering, my bracelet is from- Infinity. They have some lovely pieces of jewellery that are designed keeping the International designs in mind.

I bought my bracelet from Westside, Pune.  I dont exactly remember the price but they were somewhere around Rs 3000. The bracelet has not lost its shine although I wear it regularly, and it suites all kinds of clothing.

Have you ever shopped from Infinity? What colors do you prefer on your nails during monsoons? Do share!  

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Za Skincare: Currently trying & Amazon India Review

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick update on the current skincare products I have been trying. I was waiting for the launch of Za products in India ever since I heard of them and I grabbed them from amazon as soon as they were launched.

List of products with price-

1) Za Perfect Solution Facial Cleansing Foam ( Rs 359)
2) Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser (Rs 989)
3) Za True Ex White Day Cream (Rs 899)

I ordered my Za Products from a seller named ''Newu'' in amazon and the package reached me safely in time. None of the items were damaged and I also got discount. I hope the seller keeps up good service so that I can shop more from this site :)

I am still using the products and looking forward to share my experience with you as soon as I am sure of what I think of them....xoxo!

Loreal Smooth Intense Serum Review: Nice or Not?

Hair serums have been a part of my life since i dont even remember! Today, a hair serum has become more of a necessity to me, I just cant imagine life without it. I have super long hair which gets entangled alot, hence i am always on the lookout for a non-oily hair serum which can be used on dry hair before combing.
In the beginning I used to use Loreal Professional Hair serums as suggested by my hair stylist. But these were so expensive that I could not use it on a day to day basis.

price- Rs 240 for 100ml

The Loreal Paris Smooth Intesnse Serum is thick but gets absorbed quickly. It is non-greasy and has a pleasant smell. 

The hair serum can be used on dry as well as wet hair. It detangles the hair quite well, leaving it smooth. The only problem I have with the hair serum is that i dont find the effects to be long lasting, I reach for it every time I have to comb my hair. But I dont mind using it often as the product is decently priced, and seems to do no harm to my hair (it contains argan oil). Also my hair ends are dry, so I dont face the problem of it making my hair oily. 

  • detangles hair 
  • makes hair smooth
  • pleasant smell
  • contains argan oil
  • less hair breakage 
  • decently priced
  • easily available

  • effects are not long lasting
Last Words-

Overall, I think The loreal smooth intense serum is a great buy. It is decently priced and at the same time it is effective. This is my 3rd bottle, and I am definitely buying it again!

Have you tried this product before? Do Share!