Monday, 14 July 2014

Aztec Print Attraction: How to Style & Mobile Cover

Hello all you beautiful people. Today I am going to talk about my love affair with 'Aztec Prints' in the fashion world. There is something about the geometric designs and the color combination which makes me love the print so much. Aztec Fashion is inspired from the Azetc people, who belonged to ethnic groups of central Mexico.

How to style?

The Aztec Print is somewhat loud, so i prefer to style it with nuetral colors and keep low on the accessories. I stick to solid colors which compliment the print. Also I dont go 'all bling' with this print as i want the beautiful Aztec Print to draw everyones attention.
I have an Aztec print dress from Myntra that I love. See how I style it HERE

Aztec Print Mobile Cover

I grabbed this mobile cover the moment I saw it at just Rs 200. The color combination is just perfect!
If Aztec prints are your love too, then buy your mobile covers from ebay, and for clothes check out THIS website.

let me know how you style your favorite prints. Also, post pictures on MY facebook page, I would love to check them out!


  1. The phone cover is pretty!! I will check the website... and thank you for sharing.

  2. nice!!!

  3. The cover looks good ... shall chk out their website :)

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