Sunday, 27 April 2014

Protein Pack And Chopsticks For Hair?

Hello everyone!

It so funny that sometimes we spend so much time and money on hair treatments in the beauty parlour when, most of the beneficial products for hair are lying around in our kitchen! I, as a person never enjoyed visiting salons. Instead i like doing things on my own at home, i even lately learnt how to do my own eyebrows in order to avoid regular salon visits. 

Also i am not much of a diy person, i prefer readymade things which are effective. Just the other day, i came across a hair protein pack and the name itself excited me! I love pampering my hair with oils, and  various kinds of masks to give it nourishment.

When people ask me what i do for my hair, i always say that i refrain from using unnecassary chemicals and heat. Infact I am in my mid twenties and till date i have not considered coloring it. 
The ingredients mentioned in this protein pack is quite appealing.

All ingredients mentioned in the product are known to me, excepting, kausini-bindi. Do any of you know what it means? Do share in the comments below if you are familiar with it. 

Okay so green gram (sprouts), fenugreek (methi), badam (almonds) and curry leaves (kadi patta) are known for fostering hair growth and reducing hairfall.Curry leaves are further known even to prevent premature hair greying.All these ingredients are excellent for our hair. 

Coming to my personal experience with the protein pack, I will have to say that it was a good one. The product comes in a yellow powdery form which has to be diluted and soaked in water for 10 minutes before application. The packaging and fragrance of the pack is nothing fancy. It smells like regular herbs and has a cooling effect on the scalp after application. The smell of the product stays on even after hair wash. 

I left the product for 20 minutes on my hair and then cleansed it twice with my regular shampoo. I also followed up with a regular hair mask from a drugstore brand. The result of this treatment was lovely. My hair was looking smooth and had a healthy shine to it. Yes, i was getting compliments on air dryed hair!!


easy to use
deeply nourishing
gives smooth and shine
no chemicals
very reasonably priced


simple packaging
fragrance stays after hair wash

last words-

Overall, i really think that this hair pack is deeply nourishing for the hair and i recommend it to everyone for lusciously long locks. It is quite early for me to comment regarding it fostering hair growth or not, but I am sure with the ingredients mentioned in the pack, hair growth will take place. 

Also, i recently got a gift from Japan, Chopsticks

Since i cant figure out how to eat with them. I decided to use them for creating a bun. It sounds strange i know, but looks super duper feminine! 

Have you ever used chopsticks on your hair? And do share what you think of protein packs.. xoxo!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Olay Moisture Balance Foaming Face Wash-Review

Hello darlings,

Today i am going to review a face wash which i had to use because i ran out of my regular face wash, and this one was lying around since a long time in my bathroom, untouched. It is the Olay moisture balance foaming face wash with vitamin e for normal to dry skin.

price- Rs 135 for 100g

Directions and Ingredients-

To begin with the product comes in a tube like packaging which is quite easy and hygenic to use. The face wash is creamy white in texture but is not thick, It is runny and lathers up quite well. The fragrance of the product vanishes away after face wash.

Coming to my personal experience with the product, the olay moisture balancing face wash did not help my dry skin to retain moisture. The face wash felt very soapy and hence my skin did not feel hydrated after usage. I always had to rush to apply a moisturiser after using this face wash.

Also, the product does not wash away makeup. Coming to the worst part- I was breaking out alot while using this product. Either the face wash was triggering breakouts, or it was doing nothing to help prevent them! The moment I shifted to another face wash my breakouts came under control.

Overall, the olay moisture balance foaming face wash failed to impress me. My skin did not like it's soapy feel and demanded for a change!


  • affordable
  • may work for oily skin 
  • fragrance not over powering


  • did not help me with break outs
  • soapy feel
  • skin does not feel hydrated after application
  • not meant for dry skin
 Last Words-  

My personal experience with the olay moisture balance foaming face wash was not very good. I definately wont re-purchase a product which did not help me with break outs.

Which face wash are you currently using? Do share :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

L'Occitane Volumizing Shampoo Review

Hello everyone,

Few days back, when I posted my Updated Haircare Routine I mentioned I had shifted from my regular and favourite Sunsilk to L'occitane Volumizing Shampoo. There were also few requests for my review on the shampoo. 

I have been using this shampoo along with my sister, and we both have quite similar views on it. 
To begin with I would like to mention that i have long thick hair with an oily scalp and dry ends. 

price- Rs 1390 for 300ml ( i have been using the 75ml for review purpose)

L'occitane volumizing shampoo is free from silicones.  The texture of the shampoo is transparent gel like. It has a nice scent, which i assume is of the 5 essential oils it contains-Artemisia, petit grain, sweet orange, rosemary and palmarosa. The fragrance stays on my hair for quite some time after hair wash.

The shampoo definately does not lather up as easily as other shampoos. If I oil my hair, then i need to apply the shampoo atleast twice to cleanse it thoroughly. After washing, my hair feels light. I have never wanted too much volume in my hair, and this shampoo gives me exactly the amount of volume i need. However i do recommend using a conditioner after using this shampoo as it does not help in taming wavy hair. As far as reduction in hairfall goes, it did not do any miracles for me. I did not notice any marked reduction in my regular amount of hairfall. 

My overall experience with the L'Occitane Volumizing Shampoo was fine. I neither love it too much nor do i hate it. 


silicone free
makes hair feel light
contains the benefits of 5 essential oils
gives me the right amount of volume
does not dry my hair
fragrance is long lasting


did not help in reducing hairfall
does not lather up well

last words-

In the world of shampoos, there are only a few that i like. I usually have high expectations from hair products and so I do not get impressed that easily. Also, I believe that everybody's hairtype and hair needs are different, what might work for one, might not work for everyone else! Even so, I think this shampoo is a good one and can be given a shot if one needs volume. 
I recommend this to those who need the kind of shampoo which gives them the right amount of volume ( because It does not give any extra 'volume' which makes hair look unmanageable!)

Have you ever tried volumizing shampoos? Which ones do u prefer? Do share in the comments below!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lush Shower Jelly Sweetie Pie- party in the bath?

Hello beauties,

Today i am going to share with you a product that is my mother's favourite! I had got this as a gift for her and ever since then she has gone from pots to pots of these jellies and never seemed to have got enough.

price- Rs 550 for 100gms

The fragrance of the product is just as the name suggests, sweet. The moment you open the pot, it fills the room with it's sweet smell. It is a strong scent that lasts very long after application.

The texture of the product is jelly like. One can see fine sparkles on the product but they dont get transferred on the skin after application. Application is the part I find the most tricky. If one is not careful while handling the product the jelly just slips away and falls. One convenient way of application that i discovered was to carefully apply the jelly on a loofah or bath sponge and then use it. That way it does not slip away from my hands. The product does a fair job cleansing my skin and does not leave any residue behind.

According to product description one can use the Lush Shower Jelly on your skin as well as hair. I, however have never tried it on my hair, simply because I thought it would be quite difficult to wash my hair with a slippery jelly (also I was scared some pieces of it might be left on my hair..).However if applied on hair, i am sure this product would leave one's hair smelling delicious!


  • smells delicious
  • makes bathing fun
  • cleanses well
  • lasts long


  • biggest con would be its difficult application
  • some may find pot application unhygienic
  • people who dislike sweet smell will not like the fragrance
  • pricey

last words-

Overall, the Lush Shower Jelly in Sweetie Pie makes bathing real fun for me. However it is not apt for those days when we need a quick shower. Also, it is not meant for those who dislike strong & sweet fragrances.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream~ Review

Hey everyone!

Today i am going to share with you a product that has been much loved by so many beauty gurus. I really wanted to find out if it was worth the hype, hence i purchased it the moment i saw it in India. I have been using this product ever since. 


price- Rs 189 for 16.7gm

packaging- small tin like packaging


To begin with,i somehow am drawn towards the tin like packaging. I find it cute and different from other tube like lip balms. However, one must ensure that our hands our nice and clean before we apply the product on our lips.

Coming to the fragrance, i will have to say that it is not overpowering and does not stay for long. The lip butter does not show up on my lips, it may however leave a slight whitish caste if applied too many times.

The texture of the lip butter is very smooth. It is easy to apply and in comparison to other lip balms i find that it lasts the longest. It is not sticky at all. In fact i have also used this several times around my nails and found it to be doing a great job moisturising that area.


non- sticky
heals chapped lips
great for using in dry skin as well
lasts longer than other lip balms
fragrance is not over powering
little goes a long way

may leave a whitish tint if applied too many times
tin packaging may be unhygenic for some

Last Words-

Of late, Nivea has really impressed me. I absolutely love this product. By far it is the best lip product i have used. I will surely try its second variant as soon as this one gets over!