Saturday, 8 August 2015

Diy Curry Leaf & Coconut Hair Growth Oil

Hey Everyone!

So many of us face severe hair fall and dandruff accompanied with itching scalp during the rainy season.If you don't then trust me you are a lucky babe, and please share your secret in the comments below!
I make it a point to start using things which initiate hair growth as soon as I see unnatural hair fall, so that the loss can be made up for. The Oil I am going to discuss today will surely be helpful to you as it has all the ingredients which are naturally beneficial and responsible for causing fast hair growth.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Deep Softening Butter Review


Yes, we are talking about something so girly that actually reminds me of candies, rainbows and flowers! The VS Pure Seduction range is undoubtedly one of the finest works of the luxurious brand. The fragrance is fruity,floral and sweet, so deep that even men love it!

Price- Rs 1000 for 6.5 oz (price keeps varying)