Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sakshi Goenka Look: Ek Hasina Thi

The only Hindi daily soap that I follow is Ek Hasina Thi. The storyline is different and very interesting, all the actors in the serial are perfect for their parts. The entire set up of the plot seems to be well planned in advance and fantastically executed. The performance of all the actors in the serial is excellent. Also it seems as if a lot of thinking has gone into the outward appearance of the actors. The makeup, clothes and background music create an aura of 'perfect' drama.
If you too follow the daily soap you will agree that there is one person who overshadows everyone else with her grace,posture,beauty and phenomenal acting- Sakshi Goenka. This role is played by the famous television actor, Simone Singh, also famous for her debut in the serial Heena. Why am I so excited? Simply because she comes from my hometown, Jamshedpur!

Sakshi's side swept curls, lace blouse with chiffon saree and pearl jewellery make her look so vintage. She carries the look perfectly with immense grace..I mean just look at her posture!

Hairstyle- Whether it is a bun, curls or even straight hair..Simone carries every thing with grace!

Jewellery- Be it modern, traditional, or no jewellery at all Simone again looks gorgeous.

Saree & Makeup- This is my favourite part. She is mostly seen carrying chiffon sarees in pastel colors with a sexy lace blouse. What I love about her looks is that she sometimes likes to challenge old rules. She looks so classy with light colored sarees with minimal jewellery and light makeup.Who says you cant sport a bright saree with a bright lipstick? Look how beautifully the red saree is paired with red lips.Again, Sakshi's look with Dark Smokey eyes and a hint of bronze, paired with heavy jewellery is truly classic!

Have you been following 'Ek Hasina Thi'? Do you agree that the vampy characters look more attractive than the 'goody' ones..or is something wrong with me? I mean I love the performace of Shaurya Goenka..I have his beep beep ringtone too..xoxo!

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  1. Oh I follow this!
    Sakshi Goenka is the best part ...she is so so glam...!Be it her saree...jewellery ..all is just perfect!

  2. I have to check this one! From the pics she looks classy and sophisticated. xx

  3. she definitely looks so elegant :)

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