Sunday, 31 August 2014

8 Makeup Mistakes Realised & Tips

Makeup is an art and honestly, my obsession.I feel one should challenge old rules and try new things. However there are a few things I have learnt with experience which I would like to share today. I am not going to bore you with the usual, choosing the right shade of foundation,bold lip nuetral eyes etc. I am going to talk about the deep stuff which I have learnt and realised with time and are are worth noting.

1. Flaky skin- Applying foundation to dry flaky skin will make it just sit on your skin looking cakey and unnatural. I face the problem of flaky skin alot, that is why I pay special attention to moisturisation before applying makeup. Tip- Moisturise quite sometime before applying makeup so that your moisturiser gets time to sink in.

2. White Circle-Wrong shade and wrong formula of concealer can accentuate your dark circles. Remember you need a color correcting agent for your under eyes. Using a concealer shade that is more than 2 times lighter than your skintone will never conceal your dark circles. Instead it will caste a whitish patch. The worst is when the white circles get accentuated in photographs, and screams to the crowd 'yes, I have tried to hide my circles with the wrong shade!''  Tip- kohlcrush loves creamy concealers that are nude/yellow based for full coverage.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Burberry For Women Natural Spray Deodorant Review

How have all my Dolls been? I am trying so many new things lately, cant wait to share it with you all. The product I am going to review today is Burberry Deo Spray For Women. One important thing to note here is that for some reason I am not into Deodrants, especially the gas ones! I prefer using a perfume, body mist or high end based liquid deodrants.


Friday, 22 August 2014

Rose Water Massage: Pamper Your Hair

'I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck,' Emma Goldman
I have thick long hair which demands alot of attention. So, I am always on the lookout of ways by which I can make my hair heathier. Rose Water has a common and rather irreplaceable place in almost every Indian household. Apart from being a fantastic toner for our skin, it also contains properties which are great for our hair. Rose water treats scalp irritations and dandruff. With regular application it also delivers shine and solves the problem of hair loss. Unfortunately, we do not have access to Rose Water Hair Tonic in India, all we have is the regular skin toners. I refrain from using these skin toners on my hair as they contain preservatives. I prefer making my own Rose Water, as it is very easy and fresh. Lets see how I go about it.

Gently wash the roses, and put it in boiling water. For 2 cups of water use around 3-4 big roses.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Mini Korean Beauty Haul: The Face Shop

I would like to begin this post by thanking my beautiful sister and bro-in-law who sent me these beautiful products. The products reached a little late, due to excessive rains but it was definitely worth the wait!
I got 3 skincare products and one cosmetic, all from the famous Korean brand, The Face Shop.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sakshi Goenka Look: Ek Hasina Thi

The only Hindi daily soap that I follow is Ek Hasina Thi. The storyline is different and very interesting, all the actors in the serial are perfect for their parts. The entire set up of the plot seems to be well planned in advance and fantastically executed. The performance of all the actors in the serial is excellent. Also it seems as if a lot of thinking has gone into the outward appearance of the actors. The makeup, clothes and background music create an aura of 'perfect' drama.
If you too follow the daily soap you will agree that there is one person who overshadows everyone else with her grace,posture,beauty and phenomenal acting- Sakshi Goenka. This role is played by the famous television actor, Simone Singh, also famous for her debut in the serial Heena. Why am I so excited? Simply because she comes from my hometown, Jamshedpur!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Spice & Salt: Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher Review

Hello beauties,

I have used TBS Body Polisher and quite enjoyed the experience. I picked the Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher as I had never heard of a salt and spice body product before. The concept was very appealing. 

Price- Rs 225 for 100g

Friday, 8 August 2014

Victoria's Secret - Secret Charm Body Mist: Bedtime Perfume

Victoria's Secret body mists have been a part of my fragrance collection since always. This particular Secret Charm body mist was gifted by a friend on my birthday. I guess he tried to play it safe, as he is aware of my obsession with VS and BBW products :)

VS Secret Charm is a very clean,light and floral fragrance. It is meant for those who dont like overpowering scents. If you get a headache from strong fragrances, then Secret Charm is made for you.People who dont like smelling like perfumes, and instead prefer a cool,airy,pleasant scent must opt for it. There is nothing sweet about the fragrance, it is all floral

The lasting power of  VS Secret Charm Body Mist is not very long, which is not surprising at all considering it as a light fragrance. It barely lasts for an hour or two (It may last longer when layered). Because of it's mild fragrance I prefer to use it after my night shower, before going to bed. It makes me feel fresh and gives me a good night sleep! 

Buy the perfume here.

In short, the Victoria's Secret, Secret Charm Body Mist can be described as a 'simple feminine' fragrance. It is definately not 'girly' and sweet like most other VS scents. This is a fragrance that I have been sleeping to, it makes me feel as if I was a delicate princess sleeping in a dreamy summer garden! Do you crave for bedtime perfumes once in a while? Do share in the comments below, I would love to know what fragrances you like sleeping to!

Monday, 4 August 2014

EOTD Smokey Eyes Twitsed: Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 Palette

All my dollies, a big thank you for giving my blog so much love! As promised in my previous post, I am posting an eotd with the Makeup Revolution Iconic Palette 2. This is the first time I am doing such a post, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes. I have tried to give in my best. So many of you do eotds so well, I hope to learn with practice.

There are so many versions of a smokey eye, personally I think it is a 'hit or miss' kind of a look. Blending is the major challenge with such intense eye looks. One can go so 'right' or so 'wrong' with intense black smokey eyes. A traditional smokey eye covers the entire lid with dark color and fades as it goes towards the brow. However the dark colors in the lid can somewhat make small eyes look smaller!
The look demonstrated below is a little twisted. I have tried to add drama by concentrating on the crease rather than on the lid of my eyes. This method accentuates the real shape of our eyes. Also one can use contrasting colors to create this look.

Makeup Revolution London Iconic 2 Redemption Palette

The Urban Decay Naked palettes need no introduction! Staying in India, we can only lust over these. It is very difficult to get your hands on these bad boys, & when we actually get a chance we may not give in, as they are so expensive (happened to me)!
Makeup Revolution is a UK based cosmetic brand, which took out the exact replica of Urban Decay Naked 1,2 & 3. Now I have never used UD palettes, but beauty bloggers around the world have established the fact that Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes are the best dupes of the UD Naked Palettes. And I totally believe them!