Sunday, 31 August 2014

8 Makeup Mistakes Realised & Tips

Makeup is an art and honestly, my obsession.I feel one should challenge old rules and try new things. However there are a few things I have learnt with experience which I would like to share today. I am not going to bore you with the usual, choosing the right shade of foundation,bold lip nuetral eyes etc. I am going to talk about the deep stuff which I have learnt and realised with time and are are worth noting.

1. Flaky skin- Applying foundation to dry flaky skin will make it just sit on your skin looking cakey and unnatural. I face the problem of flaky skin alot, that is why I pay special attention to moisturisation before applying makeup. Tip- Moisturise quite sometime before applying makeup so that your moisturiser gets time to sink in.

2. White Circle-Wrong shade and wrong formula of concealer can accentuate your dark circles. Remember you need a color correcting agent for your under eyes. Using a concealer shade that is more than 2 times lighter than your skintone will never conceal your dark circles. Instead it will caste a whitish patch. The worst is when the white circles get accentuated in photographs, and screams to the crowd 'yes, I have tried to hide my circles with the wrong shade!''  Tip- kohlcrush loves creamy concealers that are nude/yellow based for full coverage.

3. Over powdering- Remember your translucent face powder is not invisible. Tap away the excess powder and only apply where needed.

( Result of over powdering and wrong concealer)

4. Exaggerating Your Eyebrows- (Using a dark shade for your eyebrows and making them thick) Many Indian beauties are gifted with naturally thick eyebrows.We just need to comb our eyebrows for a cleaner look. Also if there is a need to fill in the brows, it must be done with a shade that is 2-3 shades lighter for a natural effect.

5. Over-lining Your Entire Lips- I really don't know if it does on purpose, or it a common mistake? I find over-lining lips so unnatural, especially when done with a lip liner that does not blend with the lipstick! Tip- if you want to create fuller lips by lining then only underline your lower lips with a liner that blends in. It looks much more natural than over-lining the entire lips!

6. Clumped Eyelashes- There is nothing more unnatural than spidery eyelashes. Avoid clumpy and spidery eyelashes by starting with your mascara at the very base of your eyelashes, and then work your way up. Weird Tip- Opening the mouth slightly while applying mascara prevents blinking of the eye!

7. Eye brightening- Medium toned girls, brighten up your eyes with a nude color instead of white. It looks far more natural and opens up the eyes,without making it look too bold. Tip- A great option is Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Intense Eye Liner + Brightner. Buy it on Jabong here

8. Flaky lips- Applying Matt lipstick to dry,chapped lips does not look attractive. Remember that no matter what, your lips should look hydrated and cushioned..only those lips are kissable! Tip- apply lipbalm before using a mattle lippie on dry lips, and be careful especially during winters.

(Priyanka Chopra is known to carry matte lipsticks beautifully. So far i think this is one of her best bold lip looks. If I am not wrong, the shade she is wearing is Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour Taffetas Rose)

I am sorry, I have been away for a while. I have not been keeping well lately. But i was missing you beauties so much that I had to write today! 
Have you realised any 'makeup mistakes'?
I would love to know, please share!

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  1. These are really useful tips and I agree with you on all the points, spcially the lip liner one..I don't understand why gals use a liner which is of a totally different shade than lipstick or a darker one!



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  3. These are some really great tips.Thank you for sharing!



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