Sunday, 27 April 2014

Protein Pack And Chopsticks For Hair?

Hello everyone!

It so funny that sometimes we spend so much time and money on hair treatments in the beauty parlour when, most of the beneficial products for hair are lying around in our kitchen! I, as a person never enjoyed visiting salons. Instead i like doing things on my own at home, i even lately learnt how to do my own eyebrows in order to avoid regular salon visits. 

Also i am not much of a diy person, i prefer readymade things which are effective. Just the other day, i came across a hair protein pack and the name itself excited me! I love pampering my hair with oils, and  various kinds of masks to give it nourishment.

When people ask me what i do for my hair, i always say that i refrain from using unnecassary chemicals and heat. Infact I am in my mid twenties and till date i have not considered coloring it. 
The ingredients mentioned in this protein pack is quite appealing.

All ingredients mentioned in the product are known to me, excepting, kausini-bindi. Do any of you know what it means? Do share in the comments below if you are familiar with it. 

Okay so green gram (sprouts), fenugreek (methi), badam (almonds) and curry leaves (kadi patta) are known for fostering hair growth and reducing hairfall.Curry leaves are further known even to prevent premature hair greying.All these ingredients are excellent for our hair. 

Coming to my personal experience with the protein pack, I will have to say that it was a good one. The product comes in a yellow powdery form which has to be diluted and soaked in water for 10 minutes before application. The packaging and fragrance of the pack is nothing fancy. It smells like regular herbs and has a cooling effect on the scalp after application. The smell of the product stays on even after hair wash. 

I left the product for 20 minutes on my hair and then cleansed it twice with my regular shampoo. I also followed up with a regular hair mask from a drugstore brand. The result of this treatment was lovely. My hair was looking smooth and had a healthy shine to it. Yes, i was getting compliments on air dryed hair!!


easy to use
deeply nourishing
gives smooth and shine
no chemicals
very reasonably priced


simple packaging
fragrance stays after hair wash

last words-

Overall, i really think that this hair pack is deeply nourishing for the hair and i recommend it to everyone for lusciously long locks. It is quite early for me to comment regarding it fostering hair growth or not, but I am sure with the ingredients mentioned in the pack, hair growth will take place. 

Also, i recently got a gift from Japan, Chopsticks

Since i cant figure out how to eat with them. I decided to use them for creating a bun. It sounds strange i know, but looks super duper feminine! 

Have you ever used chopsticks on your hair? And do share what you think of protein packs.. xoxo!


  1. That is a nice product.. thanks fr sharing :)

  2. Wow, you do your own eyebrows, totally commendable!! :) :) This pack sounds nice :)

    1. Esha doing my own eyebrows came easy..just needs some practise. thank you for stopping by dear :)

  3. wow..looks nice product..thnx for sharing ...
    my recent one :

    1. it is a lovely product :) thanks for the lovely comments

  4. This sounds so good, lovely review :)

  5. seems good.

    1. yes it is a very nice product,thanks for stopping by :)

  6. I love chopstick pins for hair...They look beautiful!
    This pack certainly sounds like a great product...Lovely review dear! :)

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