Sunday, 15 June 2014

Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream Review – Bath & Body Works

Hello everyone!

 I am back after a long time, as I had so much shifting to do and I did not have internet connection. Today I am going to review a product which was promised by me a long time back - Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere & Silk Hand Cream. Yes, by now we all know how much i love lotions, especially Hand Creams. 

Okay so it is as hot as 42 degrees celsius where i stay..pheww! But i still make it a point to lightly moisturise my dry skin areas from time to time. I have been using The Shea Cashmere & Silk hand cream from bbw for quite some time now. Lets see how it worked for me. 

price- $ 12.50 for 2.5 oz

ingredietients and directions -

 To begin with the fragrance of the cream is lovely,like all other bbw creams. It is quite sweet and strong. It lasts for quite some time after application. The packaging of the product is user friendly and it is compact enough to get inside my purse. 
Coming to the main part, the texture - i would say this cream does soften my hands but does not moisturise it. It is like a temporary coating on my hands, I wish it gave a more 'sinking in' feeling to my skin. However, it is not greasy or oily. 

I would say this cream is quite okay for summers, but i would definately need a better cream for winters. 


smells yummy
fragrance lasting power is great
not greasy

not suitable for those who dont like strong sweet fragrances
not very moisturising

Final Verdict-

There is no doubt that BBW products are my all time favourites. This hand cream however, is the kind i would not re-purchase, But at the same time i dont regret buying it. It is more of a daily luxury hand cream rather than a treatment. 


  1. nice review! i will skip this product !

  2. Aww...Too bad! Thanks for the honest review...will definitely give this a skip... Lovely Review! :)

    1. yes Richa, i too wont be buying this again :)

  3. Lovely review :) I am gonna skip it :)

  4. Nice review! I haven't used BnBW products because they're pricey!

    1. hi dear, some of bbw stuff is really good..u must try the scrubs :)

  5. loved reading your honest review. will skip it!

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