Thursday, 26 June 2014

My Summer Skin Heroes: Part 1

Hello beauties, how have you all been? It is as hot as 42 degrees in my hometown. The percentage of humidity is also very high. Hence, my skin was showing signs of irritation and discomfort. I was facing severe breakouts, which were leaving behind stubborn marks. Also my skin was feeling dehydrated in some areas whilst oily in the others. To add to these problems I have uneven skintone which made my skin look worse.

The moment I realised that this skin condition was not normal, I sprang up and swore ''no makeup'' till my skin condition improves. I stopped using every product that I was using then and shifted to new products.

My first rescuer was Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser (price- Rs 85 for 50 ml). I have always seen myself going back to this cleanser during summers (when my skin breaks out) and this has never let me down. This is more of a ''love it'' or ''hate it'' kind of a product, and I am definately a part of the ''love it'' cult!
The Cleanser deeply cleanses the face and removes impurities. It is quite easy to wash off and it makes the skin squeaky clean. I see my pimples vanishing once i start using this product. The cleanser is of yellowish transparent gel like texture.

However the cleanser does dry out my skin. I always feel the need to apply some cream to moisturise my skin immediately after using this facial cleanser. This is the point where, my second rescuer comes into the picture- Olay Total Effects 7 in One Cream+ Serum Duo.

Never in the wildest of my dreams would I have thought that Olay would be so effective, and that one day I would be raving about it in my blog. This Cream+Serum Duo did wonders for my skin. I used it twice a day after washing my face, and in no time it solved the problem of my uneven skintone. It also helped to get rid of stubborn pimple marks on my skin. It did not cause any breakouts. The Duo does not leave behind any greasiness, and gets absorbed quickly.In no time it made my skin was glow and I was receiving compliments!

Priced at Rs 369 for 20 gms, The Olay 7 in One Cream+Serum Duo lasts very long. Also it is hygenically packed with a pump like dipenser. A cherry on the top, is that it offers spf 15, what more could one ask for?

I really adore these two products and i can say that these have been life changing for me. What makes me more happy is that they both are reasonably priced, effective and easily available throughout the country.

So this was part 1 of the 'summer skin heroes' , in the part 2 i will be talking about some other products that have been effective...probably a scrub or a toner.
Also I would love to know how you deal with  your Summer skin issues? Which products have been life changing for you? Do share!


  1. i love neutrogena cleanser.

  2. Nice post! Your a very good I want to try the Olay Cream n Serum duo :P Will it suit combination-oily skin?

    1. thank you for the lovely comments :) i have comination skin which tends to secrete oil during summers, it suits me well. i think you can give this product a try, just use one pump and it should be enough :)

  3. I have tried the olay cream nd quite liked it.. Now I wanna try the Neutrogena Cleanser...Seems to be great! :)

  4. m yet to try that olay cream.. heard a lot abt it.. nice post :)


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