Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Olay Moisture Balance Foaming Face Wash-Review

Hello darlings,

Today i am going to review a face wash which i had to use because i ran out of my regular face wash, and this one was lying around since a long time in my bathroom, untouched. It is the Olay moisture balance foaming face wash with vitamin e for normal to dry skin.

price- Rs 135 for 100g

Directions and Ingredients-

To begin with the product comes in a tube like packaging which is quite easy and hygenic to use. The face wash is creamy white in texture but is not thick, It is runny and lathers up quite well. The fragrance of the product vanishes away after face wash.

Coming to my personal experience with the product, the olay moisture balancing face wash did not help my dry skin to retain moisture. The face wash felt very soapy and hence my skin did not feel hydrated after usage. I always had to rush to apply a moisturiser after using this face wash.

Also, the product does not wash away makeup. Coming to the worst part- I was breaking out alot while using this product. Either the face wash was triggering breakouts, or it was doing nothing to help prevent them! The moment I shifted to another face wash my breakouts came under control.

Overall, the olay moisture balance foaming face wash failed to impress me. My skin did not like it's soapy feel and demanded for a change!


  • affordable
  • may work for oily skin 
  • fragrance not over powering


  • did not help me with break outs
  • soapy feel
  • skin does not feel hydrated after application
  • not meant for dry skin
 Last Words-  

My personal experience with the olay moisture balance foaming face wash was not very good. I definately wont re-purchase a product which did not help me with break outs.

Which face wash are you currently using? Do share :)


  1. Sounds worth a try by u review.. nice review dear!

    1. thank you natasha :) but sadly the product did not work for me

  2. I will better not use this product... nice review

  3. It will dry out my skin . I would skip this one, thanks for the honest review dear :)

  4. Sounds okay types! will dry out my skin...i will skip...thanks for the review :)

  5. sound a decent product...Great review
    my recent one :http://www.indianbeautyforever.com/2014/04/bourjois-blush-rose-ambre-review.html

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