Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Beauty Co Glitter Glow Peel off Mask Review

Hey lovelies,
Glitter has been a trend these days. The Beauty Co launched their glitter charcoal peel off mask at a price of Rs 750 (available at 25% off on Nykaa).

The first look of the product reminds us of the famous Glamglow Glitter Mask. It contains ingredients such as charcoal and glycerin and therefore passes off as a good detoxifying mask. It takes 20 mins or more to dry off  which can be a bummer. Otherwise the mask is pleasantly fragranced and does its job taking out dirt and grime quite well, without drying out the skin. One can feel their skin hydrated after the very forst use. Also the smoothening effects make it a must to try before makeup application. Besides, the chunks of glitter add a fun part to the entire regime of masking, making it a must for your weekend get aways with your girl friends.

For Best Results: Although the mask takes out all the dirt and grime it is recommended for you to cleanse your face well before application.
Overall this gorgeous Black glittery mask will be a fun addition to your skincare regime this holiday season!

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