Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion~bye bye dry skin!

Today, i am going to review a product which is widely recommended by dermatologists. This winter my skin was getting dry and flaky no matter which moisturiser i used. On top of that i was breaking out severely. There were days when i didnt feel like stepping out of the house just because my skin felt so dehydrated and under nourished. I even tried oils to solve my problem but nothing helped. Finally i gave up and went for help.

This moisturiser came as a saviour to my skin. Right from the day i started applying it i could see changes.
My skin stopped getting dry and soon it stopped flaking too.

Price-Rs 249 for 100 gms

Packaging- tube like with a flip cap which is easy to open an close.


Slight chemical smell but it is not so strong that it can be of issue to someone. The smell vanishes after application.


Consistency is nice and thick. It gets absorbed quickly into dry skin. It may leave a greasy feel on oily skin.

It provides great relief to dry skin. Some people do believe that this is not intended to be used on face. However i applied it 2 times a day on my dry face and i was good to go. It did not break me out at all and left my skin super hydrated and nourished.Only a pea sized amount is enough to moisturise the face. So this product lasted me 2 months! Also i didn't hesitate to apply it as a hand or foot cream and it worked very well.


  • mutli use product
  • safe for super dry skin
  • does not cause break outs
  • gets absorbed quickly on dry skin
  • reduces flakiness
  • travel friendly
  • goes a long way
  • not very expensive
  • easily available


  • not apt for oily skinned beauties
  • smell may trouble some

Last Words-

This moisturizer has really helped me out of a severe skin problem so i really love it. I think it was perfect for winters. Lets see how it works during summers...


  1. Great review dear...this one sounds awesome...thx for sharing...:-)

  2. Cetaphil has great products.. seems like a great one. nice review :)

    1. yes i like the cleansing lotion of cetaphil as well :)


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