Monday, 6 April 2015

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer: Photos,Price & Review

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It has been long since I reviewed a product (I am so much into creating make up looks now :). Today I am going to discuss a product that is highly recommended and is also the Elle India Beauty Awards Winner. Let us find out what the rave is all about!
Price- Rs 1099 for 125ml
Description: This rich-textured moisturizer boosts your skin’s hydration and clarity to impart firmness and a silky glow.
DirectionSmooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after balancing skin.

My Experience (Skin type-Dry to combination):
Okay so am I the only person guilty of buying this product primarily because the packaging was so gorgeous? Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser comes in a curved fuchsia bottle with a shiny metallic cap. The dispenser is a little wide so one must be careful while using the product. The bottle is strong, sturdy and pink! So full marks to the packaging
Talking of fragrance, it is very mild. I would say it almost has zero fragrance so no issues there either. The texture of the moisturiser is thin gel like and gets absorbed into my skin like a dream.

Although the texture is thin, it is not runny, only a teeny tiny bit is enough to hydrate my skin. As it does not contain spf this moisturiser has majorly been a part of my night routine. I have been using this moisturisor since months and it has never clogged pores or caused breakouts. In fact I feel this is the safest product to use (if you are not allergic to dimethicone). It does not leave any greasiness behind and feels like you have applied moisturising water to your face! Hence full marks when it comes to hydration and moisturisation as well! It definately makes skin soft and supple, however I have not noticed any miraculous effect on blemishes and glow (tell me a product which does that!).  
Talking of anti ageing it is hard to comment on it as I do not face any major ageing skin problems. But I feel it wont have any magical effect on those looking for a heavy duty anti ageing product to treat major ageing issues. However Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser can be a good option for mid aged women who believe, 'prevention is better than cure.'

  • quick absorption
  • no greasiness
  • hydrates perfectly
  • no break outs
  • soft and supple skin
  • lasts long
  • fragrance free
  • pretty packaging


  • Wide nozzle
  • anti ageing benefits promised sound to good to be true 
  • pricey
"Overall, I can totally see why this has been such a raved product. It is a fantastic moisturiser which hydrates and boosts skin without causing break outs. True it is pricey but trust me you will only need a pea sized amount because, of  which it shall last months. Highly Recommended for beauties who want to take their first step towards anti ageing skincare:)"


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