Sunday, 30 November 2014

5 Tips on How To Wear Dark Lips & FOTD

Francois Nars once said,''For me lips are as sexy as it gets."

Lately I have been trying to come out of my comfort zone, I have started using darker shades of lipsticks. Deep plums/oxblood shades are perfect for winters which suite all skin tones. However it is can be tough pulling off such shades perfectly. So, here are some quick tips on how I like to wear darker shades.

1. Coordinate your make up- When we are going for a dark lipstick, it means the 'centre of attraction' is going to be our LIPS. So keep everything else to the minimal. The eye makeup should be simple and as neutral as possible. In order to make the look more wearable I usually avoid 'cat-eyes' and instead go for a classic black stroke of eyeliner.

2. Lip Liner- Do not under estimate the effectiveness of a lip liner when it comes to darker shades. The liner will keep the shade from bleeding and help it to stay put for a longer time, I have messed up dark lips several times when I got lazy and skipped a lip liner!

3. Whiten your Teeth- Remember yellow/stained teeth get accentuated with deep shades such as burgundy. So make sure your teeth is nice and white before wearing a dark lippie.

4. Retouch- Dark lips put forward a bold statement and we do not want it to fade away as we sip on our cocktail! So I make it a point to carry my lipstick and a compact mirror to retouch every few hours.

5. Concealer- I always go back with a concealer around my lips to get that perfect lip shape. Try not to use your finger tips for concealing, instead a concealer pen or q tip (cotton swab) is recommended for attaining a sharper look. I also pat on a bit of translucent powder around the lip area, to keep the lipstick from bleeding and messing up.

"This is how I like to wear dark lips. 
I am obsessed with Oxblood shades this winter and I cant get enough of wearing it.
 I would recommend storing all your dark lipsticks for the cold season as dark lips when paired with winter fabrics, looks amazing!
Lastly, one tip that always works in pulling of dark lips successfully is to wear it with confidence!
 so, what are your favourite winter shades? Do share! "


  1. Your gorgeous! You really suit the dark lips :)
    I love the tips, thank you for sharing. Whats your favourite dark lip colour?
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

    1. thank you for lovely comments! This winter I have been loving Revlon colorstay moisture stain in the shade Parisian Passion :)

  2. Nice Tips babe..i also did the mistake of skipping lipliner with dark lips but the leasson well-learned :P you are looking gorgeous :)

  3. That shade is beautiful on you!
    I agree, teeth whitening is key.

  4. Those are some great tips. I love dark lips for fall and winter but I just think I look weird wearing them lol :)

    1. Yes dark lips puts forward a bold statement, i too took time in getting use to it :)

  5. Very beautiful!

  6. stunning look ddear :)

  7. Lovely makeup...You look beautiful <3 <3
    My new Post-
    Have a fabulous day..
    Lots of Love


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