Saturday, 6 December 2014


Hello Hearts!

As winters approach my dry skin starts getting drier and soon flakiness along with breakouts occur :( I have to take special care of my sensitive skin as no amount of make-up works if 'flakiness' increases.What I have seen works best in the situation, is to use multiple products that are light weighted on your skin instead of using just one heavy product. That way my skin drinks up something of everything and then it seems to be nice and happy :)
The Face Shop has some amazing skincare products to offer and it is my saviour in all seasons. I use the Mango Seed Mild Shine Essence right after washing my face, to prep my skin before using a cream.

Price- $15 approx for 50 ml

Product Description-

: Forms crystal shiny capsules as you shake the contents keeping the face shiny 
: Double care skin essence adding moist and gloss 
: 100% natural vegetable mango seed butter keeps the skin moist 
: Creates crystal shiny face 
: Mild sensation 

The Face Shop Mango Seed Mild Shine Essence has a mild pleasant fragrance. It comes in a glass like packaging with a pump to dispense the product. Two layers are clearly visible in the glass container. The upper layer is a transparent fluid and the bottom layer is a thick yellow fluid (more like an oil). 

One is advised to shake the container before using so that the crystals capsules get formed. The Mango Seed Mild Shine Essence gets quickly absorbed into the skin. It applies like a dream and makes the skin as soft as a baby's bum right after the first application! The texture and absorption quality of the essence is fantastic. I think it is exactly like what an 'essence' is expected to be!

  • quick absorption
  • helps the cream to soak in better
  • adds healthy glow
  • makes skin soft and supple instantly
  • boosts hydration
  • pleasant fragrance
  • glass packaging hence very fragile
  • availabilty
"The essence makes skin look like those beautiful korean beauties who have soft, supple and shining skin. However the shine is mild and does not make you look greasy or oily. It definately makes the skin look healthy and it has a lovely feel to it.
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