Wednesday, 1 October 2014

L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Conditioner: Nice Or Not?

Hi Dolls,

I was so tempted to try this range because of it's claims-6 oils in 1 sounds so promising! The Conditioner comes in an upside down bottle and is sturdy like all other L'Oreal Paris Conditioners.
Also it is reasonably priced at Rs 150 for 175 ml.

List of Ingredients & Details: 

My Experience:

After reading so many negative  reviews on the L'Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo I knew I did not need to waste money on it. So I went for the Conditioner instead. The conditioner has a thick yellow paste like texture with a pleasing fragrance. I would say it looks more like a mask to me, something that would provide deep nourishment to the hair.

The conditioner says one can apply it one the scalp as well, I however have an oily scalp so I never considered applying the conditioner on my scalp.
The conditioner looked very promising however it did not deliver any exceptional results. It did make combing hair easy but that was temporary.I did not notice any miraculous change in the texture or friziness either.The conditioner is on the heavier side but doesn't deliver that level of conditioning as 6 oils would. I would say for a product that promises 6 oil benefits, this one was a dud!

  • nice fragrance
  • texture is thick like a hair mask
  • can be applied on scalp
  • detangles hair 
  • affordable
  • sturdy packaging
  • travel friendly
  • no drastic effect noticed
  • effects are moderate like others in the same price range
  • may be too heavy for oily hair
Overall Verdict: The conditioner does not deliver what it claims. However it is an affordable product which delivers moderate temporary results on hair. The product is just okay, surely not a must have!  

Have you invested in the 6 oil benefit range? How did it work for you?
Do share!


  1. i didnt like it much :(


  2. I have never tried it so I dont know but it looks very average...I guess will skip it! Lovely review dear :)

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