Saturday, 1 August 2015

Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Deep Softening Butter Review


Yes, we are talking about something so girly that actually reminds me of candies, rainbows and flowers! The VS Pure Seduction range is undoubtedly one of the finest works of the luxurious brand. The fragrance is fruity,floral and sweet, so deep that even men love it!

Price- Rs 1000 for 6.5 oz (price keeps varying)

Fragrance: The fragrance is sweet and strong. It is both floral and fruity, strong enough to last all day. Now when I say it is sweet, I dont mean it is toothache inducing. It is a sophisticated sweet scent that perks one up immediately adding a breeze of freshness. The fragrance is long lasting and so intense that it actually sinks into your clothes! It is sweet yet there is something about it which men love!  Mr Husband is actually addicted!

Texture & Efficacy: The body butter is smooth and thick which is easy to work with. It looks like freshly whipped cream. Many parts of my body remain dry throughout the year so I always keep a body butter handy. This one sinks in right away without acting sticky or greasy. The body butter delivers the softest skin ever and a tiny bit goes a long way.

As far as moisturization is concerned the body butter does an awesome job. However considering how strong the fragrance is, I recommend skipping this moisturizer when you are going to wear that 'special' perfume. Reason being, there is a good chance it may overpower or interfere with your perfume, and that is not justified!

  • moisturizes well
  • softens dry skin
  • not greasy
  • delicious overwhelming fragrance
  • long lasting fragrance and effectiveness
  • travel friendly
  • fragrance may be too sharp and strong for some
  • not for girls who dont like sweet scents
  • tub like packaging may be unhygenic
  • may overpower perfumes
  • expensive
  • availability is an issue
" The VS pure Seduction Body Butter makes one smell delicious and yummy. It is bound to attract attention and do expect many compliments as you walk by! If there is a part of you which still loves candies, lollypops and every thing pink- GO FOR IT!"

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  1. Definitely availability is an issue and in India there are chances of getting fake product :-( nice review dear.


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