Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sephora Moisturizing Beautifying Water Review

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There are days when my skin behaves erratically and I feel like skipping the toner and moisturizer. By erratic I mean my combination to dry skin starts secreting excessive oil in the t zone area gifting me with white heads and pimples, whilst the other areas on my skin remain dry and flaky. Yes my skin acts crazy sometimes. Hence I picked this moisturizing beautifying water from Sephora hoping it would help tame my naughty skin!

Price- Rs 720 for 150 ml


The Sephora Moisturizing Beautifying water comes in a transparent plastic spray bottle with thin milky white liquid. The packaging is simple and efficient. The fragrance of the water is very gentle and refreshing and the texture is just like water, not sticky at all.  Now the usage of a product such as this was quite confusing to me. I asked the SA and she said it has multiple uses, but I had to find out how it works the best.
  •  When sprayed on dry skin it gives immediate hydration and one can actually feel that it has done the moisturizing part amazingly well. On days when my skin feels very oily I skip the moisturizer and instead go for this spray. And I find that it does a great job moisturizing my skin without making it oily or greasy. In fact this is how I majorly enjoy using it.
  •  I have also tried using this as a toner after scrubbing my face and I found that it works equally well.
  • I also went further and tried testing it on top of my face when I had light make up on (with bb and cc creams). It didn't add the intensified glow like the other setting sprays but then it did hydrate and add that subtle dewy effect. 

  • quick absorption
  • hydrates skin
  • not greasy or oily
  • paraben free
  • pleasant fragrance
  • multiple uses
  • affordable
  • long lasting 
  •   intensified glow on make up is hard to detect 

"Overall the Sephora Moisturizing Beautifying water is an affordable skin refresher. Although I dont recommend skipping your moisturizer on a daily basis, this a savior for days when you are too lazy or your skin needs a break from its regular routine. Who doesn't love a refreshing dash of spritz once a while on a hot summer day? It has multiple uses and has long lasting benefits. Go for it if you feel like there are days when your skin feels thirsty of water!"

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