Monday, 1 February 2016

Nihar Naturals Shanti Sarson Kesh Tel Review & Photos

Hey Everyone!

I love using my regular Patanjali Coconut Oil on regular days. However during winter months I tend to catch cold easily and therefore I shift to mustard oil. Because of its heating properties, Mustard Oil is widely used during winters for head and body massage. It is amazing for stimulating hair growth and thickening hair. I have also noticed that people who massage their hair regularly with mustard oil have silky shiny hair. Let us see how Nihar Shanti Sarson Kesh Tel worked for me.

Price- Rs 45 for 175 ml

Nihar Shanti Sarson Kesh Tel comes in a similar plastic packaging as the Nihar Shanti Amla Kesh Tel.  It is transparent and comes with a yellow nozzle for pouring the oil. Fragrance wise the oil does not have the regular 'mustard smell'. The fragrance is natural and seems to be a blend of all the ingredients mentioned. It is on the stronger side so that can be concern for people with sensitive nose. The oil looks dark yellow in color and has medium to thin consistency. The oil is non sticky and this makes head massage, a breeze.

I massage my hair with this oil two times a week for 4-5 hours. A good two rounds of your favourite shampoo is enough to wash away the oil.
Coming to efficacy, Nihar Shanti Sarson Kesh Tel has done an amazing job in checking my hair fall this winter season. Every year I used to face heart breaking hair fall, dandruff and hair breakage. This year has been much better. Also it makes my hair so silky and shiny. I have noticed a marked increase in my hair length this season, all owing to this hair oil.  I am overall very happy with this hair oil. The only drawback being, it cannot be used during summers. Reason being, Mustard Oil is warm in nature and hence should be avoided during hot months.

  • hair growth
  • checks hair fall
  • adds shine
  • natural ingredients
  • affordable
  • strong fragrance
  • not summer friendly
"Nihar Naturals Shanti Sarson Kesh Tel has become my winter HG product. It has maintained my hair beautifully this season and I hope to go back to it every winter.  Undoubtedly , Mustard Oil is called the Miracle Oil of winters. Highly recommended!"


  1. I haven’t really tried any product from this range. But your review just made me wanna consider the brand. I’ll surely try this one and let you know how I liked it. Thanks for a detailed review.
    xoxo – Style.. A Pastiche! -

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  4. Sounds promising and affordable too. Nice review.

  5. Such a nice and detailed review. looks good product.

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