Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How To Bleach At Home Safely: Oxylife Crème Bleach With Glow Serum

All of us are aware that we should keep ourselves away from bleaching often. However once in a while it is important for us to indulge.I have sensitive dry skin, even a wonder ingredient like 'Haldi/Turmeric' gives me rashes, yes my skin is that sensitive :(
I once had a terrible incident in a reputed salon while bleaching, my skin turned red and started burning! Since then I have started bleaching at home as I just cant risk that incident again. In fact my mother recalls that she has been safely bleaching her face at home since 20-25 years.
Oxylife and VLCC are 2 brands which have good bleaching products in the Indian Market. Out of the two i prefer Oxylife as it delivers more drastic effects. This product comes with a whole kit- a pre bleach cream,a white creme, an activator, and a glow serum. The glow serum is a new introduction.

 The Oxylife Bleach is said to be ammonia free, which is a good thing. The price and ingredients are below-

My Procedure-

  • To begin with, i always prefer facial bleaching at night
  • First I wash and pat my skin dry
  • I secure my hair with a hair band to avoid bleaching my hair
  • Then I start by applying the pre-bleach cream. I make sure to apply it even in my neck area (you want your skin to look even)
  • After 2 minutes I start applying the mixed creme with activator on my skin ( I prefer to use lesser amount of activator than recommended in order to avoid reactions as I have super sensitive skin)
  • I begin with applying the bleach in my upper lip area first, so that it begins it's action fast.
  • Then I apply the bleach to the rest of my face and neck and leave it for a good 15 mins. If any extra bleach is left I use it on my hands or feet.
  • I never rub in the bleach, I just apply it with soft hands. After 15 mins I remove the bleach and wash with cold water. I also follow up with ice if needed.
  • After removal, I apply the glow serum provided.It makes me skin smooth and silky, it delivers a lovely glow. 
  • I never use a face wash or any other skin product after bleaching. 

I find that applying the bleach at night always delivers better results. That way my skin is not exposed to Sun, so the chances of post bleach reactions/irritation is further curtailed. The entire pack gives me 2 uses (if used only on the face and neck). The tingling sensation caused by this Bleach is very mild and bearable.

Last Words-

The Oxylife Creme Bleach is reasonably priced and is very easily available. Also among all other bleaching products available in the Indian Market I find that this one works best for me. I do not recommend bleaching regularly. However this product is recommended for those who bleach once in a while. But before application remember to do a patch test for sure!

So this is how I bleach my face safely. The procedure mentioned above works well for my skin.
Do you bleach at home too? If so do share your tips, I would love to incorporate them for better results :)


  1. i used to do bleach my upper lips but hair start showing after few weeks! this looks great to be used once in a while!

    1. yes megha once in while when you bleach can consider it :)

  2. I havent tried this type of product before, sounds really helpful! Thanks for sharing your opinion on my last post...Hope your week is going well.

  3. I have never tried bleach but it looks like a great option for those who do try it...Beautifully reviewed dear! :)


  4. I use the fem one and its pretty good.. i hv tried this one as well.. nice review dear !

  5. Have never really used bleach. loved reading the detailed review.would surely suggest buddies who loves to bleach

    1. yes Jhilmil your friends who bleach can surely consider it

  6. Scared to use a bleach. It may have long term bad effect. I use brightening face mask at home or sheet masks :-)
    Lovely post dear. Happy weekend !!

  7. nice detailed post... i never used bleach on home but tried twice or thrice in the parlor :)

  8. I have not tried this particular one. it's a good tip to use it at night, will keep that in mind.

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  12. i hav a question.....
    after applying the serum should i hav to wash the face instantly or wash it after few hours

  13. I just waited for it to peel. It stung but not to a point that I could not take it anymore, clasifel bleaching cream

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  19. What will happen if we apply post oxybleach serum in eyebrows

  20. How long to apply post bleach serum on face? Also can we apply any face pack on face after using oxy bleach with serum


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