Saturday, 5 July 2014

Monsoon Update: NOTD Lakme Color Crush #90

''Oh yeah I'll tell you something.. I think you'll understand
                                     When I say that something.... I wanna hold your hand....''

Didn't Beatles nail it in their very first single? Okay, so I am listening to this awesome song 
while I write for all you lovely ladies out there!
The post today is a little different, I was bored of posting reviews after reviews. Yes, you are guessing it right....this post is somewhat related to "hands" :) I know it sounds weird..hee..hee!

Okay so I am done with all my strange jokes now. Although I love growing my nails and painting them, once in a while I cut them short and leave them naked to breathe. Also I have made the habit of applying hand creams whenever my hands feel dry (which happens a lot by the way). Read about hand creams that i use- here

Monsoons have arrived and there is greenery every where. So I planned on applying a vibrant green nail paint from the Lakme Color Crush Collection. The number of the shade is 90, I wish they would have taken some effort to name these nail polishes!
Anyway, the color is a bright green color, perfect for this season.
Price- Rs 125

In case you are wondering, my bracelet is from- Infinity. They have some lovely pieces of jewellery that are designed keeping the International designs in mind.

I bought my bracelet from Westside, Pune.  I dont exactly remember the price but they were somewhere around Rs 3000. The bracelet has not lost its shine although I wear it regularly, and it suites all kinds of clothing.

Have you ever shopped from Infinity? What colors do you prefer on your nails during monsoons? Do share!  


  1. Gorgeous Bracelet nd Polish dear! This is such a prettyie color... Just purfect for the summery summers :)

    1. thank you is a lovely shade for this time of the year:)

  2. nice bracelet and good nail paint shade

  3. very pretty bracelet and loved the nail polish too :)

  4. wow lovely bracelet and I like your NOTD as well :)

  5. Such a pretty nail paint n that bracelet is too good :)

  6. Loved the bracelet....i want ittttttt tooooo...and bful notd :D


  7. Lovely bracelet. And I loved the color on your nails. It's beautiful.

  8. omg your blog is wonderful, would you like to keep in touch ?

  9. the nail shade totally flatters ur prettyy hands and the bracelet is lovely too.. :)


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