Sunday, 14 September 2014

L'Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Shampoo Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you a product which is not much talked about in the beauty world. It is the L'Oreal Hair Spa Deep Nourishing Shampoo with water lily formulated especially for dry hair. Honestly speaking I had only heard of  L'Oreal Hair Spa Olive Oil, reviewed here . The moment I saw this shampoo for sale in my salon I knew I had to try it. I asked the Salon guys for a quick review on it as I couldnt find much about the product online. They said,  'Mam customers love it so much that they keep coming to buy a new bottle as soon as their old one gets finished'.  Okay so now I really had to buy it, and it is mint colored too! See how I justify my temptations ;)

The price of the L'Oreal hair Spa Deep nourishing shampoo is Rs 400 for 230 ml. You can find it any reputed L'Oreal salon or buy it from Amazon here . List of ingredients is below-

The texture of the product is white in color and sort of watery in consistency. The fragrance of the shampoo is definately close to other L'Oreal shampoos with the addition of lilies! I am quite fond of the pretty fragrance! When it comes to bubbling up, it takes time. It doesnt sud up that easy and if you are using it to rinse off oil, then I recommend 2 hair washes.

Coming to the real part, my experience- I have thick long hair with oily scalp and dry ends.  My search for a perfect shampoo never ends. I am not fond of volumizing shampoos as they tend to make my hair frizzy and unmanageable. The L'oreal deep nourishing shampoo is created and dedicated to dry hair. And I totally agree, this product works amazingly on dry hair.
To start with it is a gentle cleanser,so it does not foam alot. It infuses hair with moisture and controls frizz. Unmanageable dry hair can be tamed using this gentle shampoo. As far as hairfall goes it did not trigger it either.  My hair has grown at a good pace since I started using this product.( If this shampoo does not enduce hair growth then it definately does no harm either!) The shampoo definately nourishes dry hair and makes it easy to manage.

  • mint colored packaging
  • amazing fragrance
  • great for dry hair
  • makes hair soft and manageable
  • affordable in comparison to other L'Oreal Professional Products
  • contains SlS
  • not apt for beauties who want volume
  • may weigh down oily hair

Overall Verdict: The shampoo makes hair soft and manageable and it is for sure my latest love. Definately recommended for dry hair but beauties who have thin/limp/oily hair stay away!

''Despite the amount of science behind these products, the one that we really like is left to trial and error. I never knew a L'Oreal Professional Shampoo could sway me off my feet, but the beauty world is full of surprises, isn't it?''


  1. I always go for products that won't add more volume to my hair and being blessed with dry hair, this appeals like a must try for me! Thanks for the wonderful review! :)


    1. I am not fond of volumizing products either, which is your current shampoo?

  2. This is definitely not for my oily and limp hair n yes i did nt hear abt it too.. nice review :)

    1. there are 2 variants Natasha, the other one is for oily scalp I guess, check that out :)

  3. This one is definitely not for me....I have a oily scalp nd I like a bit of volume in my hair...Lovely Review :)

  4. never heard of this from Loreal
    all loreal products contains SLS otherwise they do work very well to tame down frizzness :)

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