Friday, 26 September 2014

TideBuy Lolita Dress

Hello Everyone!

Shopping is a must for every girl. No matter how many clothes we have it never seems enough.
On this note, it is time for me to introduce you to TideBuy Lolita Dress Section.
The website has an amazing collection of dresses, their Lolita Dress collection is very unique and a must have for every girl.

1. Black Cotton Straps Sleevless Gothic Dress
This is a perfect Black Gothic Dress. I love how classy it is. Market Price:USD $199.00  Tidebuy price-USD $70.89

2. Elegant White Cotton Square Sleevless Sweet Lolita Dress
This is a beautiful dress with lovely ruffles which make it look very elegant.
  • Market Price:USD $199.00 Tidebuy Price- USD $69.79

Every girl needs a Pink Dress in her wardrobe and this one is a must have!
  • Market Price:USD $259.00 Tidebuy Price- USD $ 103.49

The black corset design and color combination is super cute! 
  • Market Price:USD $199.00 TIDEBUY Price- USD $ 70.19

The dress is feminine and delicate, it has lovely design!
  • Market Price:USD $199.00  Tidebuy Price- USD $ 69.59

This Dress is my favourite, it has the cutest prints and is super feminine with it's lace sleeves.
  • Market Price:USD $199.00  Tidebuy Price- USD $ 64.39

Another dress that stands out because of the cute bows and lace detailing. This one makes you look like a perfect doll!
  • Market Price:USD $199.00 Tidebuy Price- USD $70.69

Team up this elegant blouse with a pretty skirt, or wear it with your dresses for a super cute look!
Price-USD $36.79

The collection of Tidebuy Lolita Dresses is lovely. The perfect blending of pastels and lace detailing add a unique touch of femininity to their range. They have worlwide shipping and have a wide range to choose from!


  1. These are such gorgeous dresses, absolutely love them..

  2. This dress are owesome :)

  3. Wow, I love the first one, the black dress :)))



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