Thursday, 3 July 2014

Loreal Smooth Intense Serum Review: Nice or Not?

Hair serums have been a part of my life since i dont even remember! Today, a hair serum has become more of a necessity to me, I just cant imagine life without it. I have super long hair which gets entangled alot, hence i am always on the lookout for a non-oily hair serum which can be used on dry hair before combing.
In the beginning I used to use Loreal Professional Hair serums as suggested by my hair stylist. But these were so expensive that I could not use it on a day to day basis.

price- Rs 240 for 100ml

The Loreal Paris Smooth Intesnse Serum is thick but gets absorbed quickly. It is non-greasy and has a pleasant smell. 

The hair serum can be used on dry as well as wet hair. It detangles the hair quite well, leaving it smooth. The only problem I have with the hair serum is that i dont find the effects to be long lasting, I reach for it every time I have to comb my hair. But I dont mind using it often as the product is decently priced, and seems to do no harm to my hair (it contains argan oil). Also my hair ends are dry, so I dont face the problem of it making my hair oily. 

  • detangles hair 
  • makes hair smooth
  • pleasant smell
  • contains argan oil
  • less hair breakage 
  • decently priced
  • easily available

  • effects are not long lasting
Last Words-

Overall, I think The loreal smooth intense serum is a great buy. It is decently priced and at the same time it is effective. This is my 3rd bottle, and I am definitely buying it again!

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  1. nice review dear

  2. I used to love hair serums then I graduated to leave in oil based hair serums. Defo can't live without them either :)

    1. oil based hair serums sounds good..hope to getmy hands on it soon :)


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