Saturday, 8 August 2015

Diy Curry Leaf & Coconut Hair Growth Oil

Hey Everyone!

So many of us face severe hair fall and dandruff accompanied with itching scalp during the rainy season.If you don't then trust me you are a lucky babe, and please share your secret in the comments below!
I make it a point to start using things which initiate hair growth as soon as I see unnatural hair fall, so that the loss can be made up for. The Oil I am going to discuss today will surely be helpful to you as it has all the ingredients which are naturally beneficial and responsible for causing fast hair growth.

  • 100ml Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 2 spoons of crushed fenugreek grains aka methi
  • Bunch of fresh curry leaves
  • 2-3 hibiscus flower
  • 4 spoons of Castor Oil
  • 3-4 drops of Peppermint essential Oil


  1. Heat the coconut oil in low flame and follow up with curry leaves. Do not boil it. Regulate the burner so that the oil does not overheat or burn.
  2.  Grind the fenugreek seeds and add them to the above.
  3. Add washed hibiscus flowers to the oil one by one.
  4. Switch the burner off and let the oil cool for some time.
  5. Add Castor Oil and a few drops of peppermint oil as you strain the oil & transfer it into a container.  ( I like to add few hibiscus,fenugreek seeds and curry leaves to the strained oil as it continues to add benefits to the oil. However this step is optional).
  6. Keep the container in a sunlight lit room, for the oil to get all the Vitamin D!
  •  Coconut oil has been used as the base oil in the preparation as it is one of the best source of natural nutrition for the hair and can almost be called the King of all carrier oils. It has amazing conditioning properties for dry damaged hair. 
  • Curry leaves are high in vitamin B as a result of which they help to restore the nature color of your hair. It also helps in preventing hair loss. Hence, eating a hand full of curry leaves regularly is also considered beneficial. 
  • The next important ingredient is fenugreek seeds which helps in strengthening hair follicles, checking pre mature greying and adding shine.
  •  Hibiscus is said to be the ''flower of haircare'' and causes reduction in hair loss and dullness. It also takes care of pre mature greying.
  •  Castor Oil is undoubtedly the best oil for causing accelerated hair growth and increasing hair density. This one is a must if you want to grow your hair real fast. The oil is very thick in texture so use it in moderation.
  •  Lastly, the Peppermint essential oil, is added to restore normal scalp conditions and regular hair massages of this oil stimulates hair follicles preventing hair loss. One added benefit is the lovely fragrance it adds to this oil! 
"The immediate initial effects one can observe from this hair oil is soft and silky hair. It is very effective in making hair less frizzy and restoring the original color of your hair.  Till I was under my mother's care, I remember her applying this oil on my hair at least once a week, and that is why my hair was always jet black and shiny during school days.Whenever I return to this oil I observe instant shine and softness. Another added benefit is accelerated healthy hair growth. If you like trying natural products on your hair, this oil is a must try for you. It has all natural ingredients that will help make your hair silky, strong and healthy."


  1. i really wanna try this for hair growth... nice post..

  2. That's an easy DIY for awesome hair. Thanks for sharing. I'll try it out too

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  3. I love your DIY recipe. My mom used to rub coconut oil on my scalp when I was a baby for hair growth.

  4. This is very helpful for the DIY to grow the hair.

    Have a great day:).


  5. I have tried a version similar to this and agree it is so much beneficial to the hair and makes hair silky and soft

  6. Lovely post! Really helpful!!! I'll try it out too :)

  7. I'm gonna prepare this on this weekend..

  8. I have made this and it works beautifuly on hair :D

  9. This is such a great idea :) It sounds like it has lots of benefits for hair

    Rachel xx

  10. Looks soooo good!! Hmmmm :-)

  11. where can one procure the peppermint essential oil?

    1. you can get it online, many websites sell it. try amazon :)

  12. Egg for its nutritional properties helps boost hair growth and treatment for baldness

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