Tuesday, 2 June 2015

FaborSkip App Review

Hey Everyone!

Today I am here to share with you a newly launched styling app- FaborSkip. The app aims to help people discover new products and styling ideas. Fresh looks are created by a team of NIFT graduates every day and updated at regular intervals. The good part is that the looks are created using shop-able products, respective links of which are provided. I am sharing with you some of my favourite looks created by them.

Among all the stylists my favourite is Aanchal Jain whose styling is elegant, sophisticated and vintage inspired. All said, her compositions have a certain touch of fun to it, which cannot be ignored. 

The navigation of the app is super easy and fast. It has a play looks,mail us and 'fab it' option, which saves all your favourite looks. However I wish they include a 'category' option for those looking for specific options. Also the stylists mainly concentrate on western outfits, hopefully they will indulge in styling traditional clothing as well. 

"Overall FaborSkip is a cool app for those in search of styling ideas and expert tips from professionals. What I love about them is that they offer wearable and shopable styling ideas for every one.
 From purse to lipstick they help us with every thing. So, if you easily get bored with your outfits try installing FaborSkip! To install click here !"

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