Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Real Indian Summer Bride: Pink & Lemon lehenga with Arabic Makeup!

"Should I post wedding pics or not? 
I have worked so hard on the look, I think I should!
Oh, wait there are like a 1000 pics to choose from :(
Oh, what the heck just pick the ones Mr Husband and crazy sister like!
But they are stupid..they like me even if I dress up like a penguin :(
But babes, you know you spent months of sleepless nights deciding your hair, makeup and outfit, and you know you are not looking like a penguin in this one atleast.
So here I present to you the Grand Bridal lehenga!"

I somewhere always knew I was not going to be a red bride. After trying innumerable lehengas in Chandani Chowk, I actually got goose bumps when I tried this one and that was a clear sign that this one is made for me ;). While brides are wearing mint,coral, and golden lehengas everywhere today, Lemon yellow and neon pink was a unique combination, something I hadnt seen ever on a bride before. The lehenga was quite comfortable,as the skirt was the heaviest part while the dupatta was light weighted with intricate embroidery. I decided to take the dupatta over my simple blouse, the walima style, as I find it so elegant and uncommon.

Coming to makeup, I went for the evergreen black and gold smokey eye with bright pink lips. I didn't go heavy with the contouring as I wanted to only enhance my best features without changing who I am. I went heavy with the blush as real indian brides must! Also I skipped false eyelashes as the ceremony would last all night and I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible!Overall, I was more than happy with the way the look turned out. I could see the photographers and my sister smiling as the look was getting completed!
Here are few shots of my makeup in progress.

At first I was a little nervous doing my own makeup. Trust me girls, even the best artists can get shaky when they have to do their own wedding makeup! But when the moment came I actually enjoyed doing it myself.  I would say I was kinda happy I got to spend a few extra hours with my sisters, which I would otherwise have spent in the boring parlor nagging at the artist! And the best part, all compliments I got that night made me so proud! Below are pictures taken when I was actually unaware of being clicked...blushing naturally seeing my baraati!

"This post would be never ending so I will be doing a separate post in which I will discuss the products used to create the look. I had a tough time choosing the products as I was going to be a summer bride. Creating the right amount of glow, and balancing it with the humidity so that I dont look like a fried chicken was very tricky. The makeup had to last all night and there was hardly any time or energy left for touch ups. So I Shall talk about that shortly!"


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