Friday, 29 May 2015

Za Total Hydration Blemish Care Essence Review

Hello Hearts!

Summers are at the peak now, and I am trying my best to keep my skin pimple free this year. At 44 degrees Celsius and mangoes everywhere this is indeed a tough task! As soon as a heat boil popped up on my chin Za launched their Total Hydration Range. They have made great promises for 20s skincare problems and I was so excited to try it.
Today I am going to review the Za Total Hydration Blemish Care Essence which I have been applying on my occasional bumps.

Price -Rs 399 for 20g

IngredientsBlemish-targeting Complex,Amino Mineral Complex,Prism Enhancer,Vitamin B Derivative

About-  This highly effective Gel-type Blemish Essence provides intensive care suppressing blemish related inflammation and preventing blemishes from recurring making skin clear & even-toned. Controls excess sebum and prevents clogged pores for blemish resistant skin. Its Dewy Texture permeates deep within the skin making it Bouncy Fresh and Dewy Radiant all day long!

DirectionsFinal step in your skincare regime, apply about 0.2g with fingertips over targeted areas and smooth out evenly. Apply 2-3 times daily for effective Blemish Care.

The blemish care essence is packed in a pink slender tube. The product is thick transparent fluid with a refreshing smell which fades away soon. I love the consistency and feel of the essence.
The first time I used it on my heat boil and boy, overnight the evil boil reduced to half it's size! Later I also tried it on a pimple and the essence helped in drying that too. However it is not a miraculous zit remover, it does take 2-3 days of regular application to completely get rid of the zit. But it works faster than toothpaste and tea tree essential  oil for me. Also it is quick in soothing fresh zits. I am prone to getting a bump on my chin during that time of the month, so this time I applied the essence the moment I felt a slight bump. And yes, the bump never appeared the next morning! The good part- it does not over dry my skin or cause flakiness. However, As far as working on scars is concerned it works rather slowly. 


  • fresh light smell
  • soothes and dries zits
  • prevents re-occurrence of zits
  • not over drying on skin
  • pretty packaging


  • works slowly on scars
  • a little expensive

" Za Total Hydration Blemish Care Essence is an affordable and effective product for every girl dealing with breakout issues. It is definitely not miraculous but skincare products who have super fast magical actions have their questionable cons too! I say slow and steady is the way to go. Highly recommended!"


  1. This sounds nice and worth a try.

  2. Love it!

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