Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sunsilk Lusciously Thick And Long Shampoo & memories!

Hello Beauties!

Today i am going to to talk about a brand with which i am sure many of us have 'memories'.  Back when i was small my mom would follow a simple but regular haircare routine for my sister and me. She used to oil our hair weekly with her amazing homemade hair oil ( i hope to share the diy of that soon) and follow up with sunsilk shampoo ( i guess India was not introduced to conditioners till that time ). However we never felt the need for a conditioner as our hair naturally was left feeling smooth and silky owing to mom's hair oil. 
Ok so tragedy begins in 2007 when i move out for college. I was moving from a small city like Jamshedpur to Pune. I was introduced to so many new hair care brands and so many new kinds of appliances to tame my hair. There was no end to this world of endless serums,mousses..hairsprays!

As in most cases i tried almost all brands of shampoos available in the market, till one fine day when i realised that no matter what, i always tend to go back to "Sunsilk".

Coming to Sunsilk Lusciously Thick And Long, i went for this pink bottle after many years. I have been using this for over a month now and i find it to be doing a great job in cleansing my hair well, and making it more manageable.

price- Rs 299 for 650 ml (i got Rs 100 off, is'nt that cool?)

The consistency of the shampoo is neither runny nor very thick. I find that it does not give me a hard time to clean my hair even when it is heavily oiled. Talking of Fragrance i think it is quite pleasant ( like other sunsilk shampoos). 

Now coming to the most important part, the name of this shampoo is "lusciously thick and long" which seemed quite misleading to me. This was infact the main reason behind me staying away from it since so many years. 

Making your hair thick and long seems like sunsilk was making tall claims. ok so answering the question, does it make hair really thick and long...this in a way can be put like- does it help in hair growth? I would have to say not really! I dont think any shampoo can make our hair long!! 
But, this shampoo did make my hair (that is already long) quite smooth and frizz free. Yes, it did stand by in maintaining my long hair quite well.


1. cleanses hair well and makes long hair look manageable
2. nice consistency
3. pleasant fragrance
4. budget friendly
5.easily available


1. contains chemicals
2. might not suit those with extremely dry hair
3. the name might be misleading, making people expect thicker and longer hair by it's usage. ( however it does a good job in hair maintainence)

Last Words

Overall personally i really like this brand, i can for sure that say that no matter what i use in future, i know i will go back to it every now and then. This really suits my hair type- which is oily near the scalp and dry at the ends. Have you tried this shampoo? and does it suite you? 


  1. I have tried this works fine for me...neither too good nor too bad...:-)


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