Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bath & Body Works Country Chic Supercharged Body Scrub

Hello everyone!

After Victoria Secrets it is bath and body works today! This Scrub was bought by me from an Indian shopping website after a friend from USA totally talked me into it. Personally i find homemade scrubs the most effective, but i get too lazy some times. So for those days i bought this scrub. 

price- Rs 1100 for 269g
packaging- tube like user friendly packaging

To begin with i would describe the fragrance as floral with a slight lemon hint to it. Neither of the 2 scents are over powering. On the whole i would describe the scent to be definitely refreshing.

I can see beautiful blue scrubby granules when i squeeze out the product.

As you can see the texture is neither creamy nor oily. However the product is not drying on my skin. Coming to the best part, you can see the granules dissolve and foam up as you perform the scrubbing action.
The scrub is very easy to rinse off and leaves my skin squeaky clean and smooth. 
My skin feels wonderful and polished after using this scrub. I absolutely love it!

  • refreshing fragrance
  • scrubs well
  • good packaging
  • moisturises
  • foaming action
  • leaves no residue
  • smoothens the skin

  • pricey
  • availability 

Last Words- Bbw makes awesome scrubs. They are definately worth trying considering they can be easily spotted on various Indian shopping websites today.


  1. Sounds lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. This scrub looks so refreshing dear...thx a lot for sharing honey..:-)

    1. yes it will be very refreshing especially during summers :)

  3. I love scrubs which have good refreshing fragrance. However the price looks on the higher side as you mentioned to try this out


  4. hi nikky, i know the product is pricey in india..but the quantity offered is good considering we dont need much of the product. it is good for those days when we really need some pampering in the shower :)

  5. This looks awesome.. Will hunt for it :) nice review dear

  6. Looks Refreshing and Soothing by the look of it !
    Lovely Review Dear <3

  7. looks tempting!

  8. This is really very nice post you shared, i like the post, thanks for sharing..

    fruits good for skin whitening


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