Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Moisturise during summers~Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

Hello everyone!

Summers have arrived and it is time to change our skincare routine! when it comes to body lotions and fragrances I usually keep warm and comforting fragrances for winters and the fresh ones for summers. So, i have shifted from heavy body butters to light moisturising lotions.

I am sure all of us have at some point of time in our lives have used Vaseline Body Lotions. They are one of the most easily available brands in India. I think they are fantastic considering the quality and texture of these lotions. These lotions are also decently priced.

I began moisturizing this summer with Vaseline total moisture aloe fresh body lotion.

price- Rs 125 for 200ml

The texture of this lotion is quite light. It gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I have dry skin and it does not make me feel greasy. The fragrance is very fresh but it does not stay for long.

Last Words-This is great product considering the price, quantity and quality offered. It is a must try during summers.

                    So have you changed your body lotion with the changing weather?


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