Monday, 16 February 2015

Winter Skincare Routine: 8 products To Treat Dry Sensitive Skin

Hey Ladies!

Today I am going to share my winter night skincare routine with all of you. I have dry sensitive skin which starts to get flaky if proper care is not taken. Also I suffer my occassional a nutshell I have 'problem' skin! Last winters my skin was getting so flaky that I could not apply foundation for like 3 months! So this year I was determined to make things go smoothly.

Okay so I use 8 products in total, apart from this I also occasionally use an essence reviewed here

1. The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam: Suitable for all skin types, priced at just Rs 400 for 170 ml, it is one of the most economical and effective cleanser available today. I have been using the cleanser religiously for many months now. It brightens and lightens instantly! Check review here

2. Soap And Glory Flake Away Body Polish: Reviewed here , the miracle product cleans,polishes and moisturises at the same time! A cherry on the top is the divine 'pink scent'. Flake Away gives you instant relief from flaky itchy skin during winter and therefore is a must have.

3. Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Ageing Night Cream: The night cream moisturises skin well and keeps it from getting dry. It does not cause breakouts or greasiness.

4. VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream:  I do not suffer from severe dark circles, however I started using this cream considering it was afordable and contained almond. So far I am quite impressed with the effects, expect a review soon.

5. Aroma Treasures Tea Tree Essential Oil: A natural and affordable solution to breakouts. Seriously cant live without this little champ! Check detailed review here.

6. Bio-Oil: I use it on my face when the Olay Night Cream does not seem enough. Does not cause breakouts but yet to see any miracles on the scar removal front!

7. The Face Shop Aqua Drop Pack: This is an overnight face mask which I use once a week for extra hydration.

8. Eos Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm Sphere: No skincare is complete without moisturising the lips. Reviewed here it is the perfect definition of what a lip balm should do!

"This year I have tried my level best to be regular with the above skincare routine. And I can already feel the difference. In comparison to last winter, my skin is looking a lot healthy and plump. There is no flakiness and I can apply make up smoothly. This skincare routine has sorted out my dryness to a large extent.

Also I have been induldging in a lot of citrus fruits this year, which I am sure is helping in some way..Also I would love to know what is your way of keeping skin sorted during the dry months?"


  1. I really wanna try bio oil..heard it works wonders


    1. Yes Bio Oil is a must is non greasy and does not clog pores :)

  2. OMG! Though I have super oily skin, it became really dry the past few days. I need these products in my life! I am interested in Bio Oil though I am not sure where I can get it here in the Philippines.

    Thanks for sharing!

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. I have flake away scrub and same EOS balm too!! I have heard so much about Bio Oil!! Need to get it soon!! Are "The Face Shop" products availavle in India? I live in Japan and they are pretty cheap here!!

    1. Yes Face Shop is available in the capital city, New Delhi.


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