Thursday, 5 February 2015

Winter Moisturisation: Lush Dream Cream Review

Hello Angels!

As I have severe dry/sensitive skin my favourite part in skincare is 'moisturisation'. I am always in the hunt for that perfect moisturiser with that perfect formula & the perfect fragrance. After trying a million moisturisers my favorite drugstore brand has to be vaseline ,when it comes to high end I adore Bath And Body Works.
Today I am going to discuss Lush Dream Cream Hand And Body Lotion which my mom's HG product. Sadly, Lush products are no longer easily available to us ever since Lush decided to move out of India. But, what are good friends and relatives abroad for, right?
Price- Rs 1300 approx for 240 gms

ingredients and instruction details

The Lush Dream Cream comes in a black tub, this is quite understandable as it contains thick cream. The tub is strong and sturdy and therefore is travel friendly. Fragrance wise Lush Dream Cream has nothing special to offer. The smell is difficult to explain, however it reminds me of herbal/organic products. And yes you can definately smell 'oats'! Overall, I am not a big fan of the fragrance it offers.

Texture wise the Dream Cream is a thick yellowish cream. It is not meant for summer months as it can get greasy. For the winters it works wonders for sensitive dry/itchy skin. I was getting lazy this winter and wanted a heavy moisturiser which would sink in immediately providing full day moisturisation. ( TBS body butters were working well but they took so much time to get absorbed!) Therefore I shifted to Lush Dream Cream and I must say it is doing a fantastic job. It gets absorbed into the skin very fast and gives me soft supple skin for the entire day. No reapplication required!

  • provides soft supple skin
  • quick absorption
  • lasts all day
  • soothes dry itchy skin
  • perfect for sensitive skin
  • oatty smell
  • price
  • availabilty
"In short the Lush Dream Cream works like a dream on sensitive dry skin. The only downside for me is the fragrance but that vanishes after 15-20 mins so I can live with that! It saves time during winters by providing immediate and long lasting moisturisation, hence it is totally recommended!"


  1. wooow..This looks like a dream product for dry skin people..I so badly wanna try out lush


  2. I used it and i must say it works great but shelf-life is less, costly and availability is an issue like you said:)


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