Saturday, 10 January 2015

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish Review

Hey everyone!

Soap and Glory is one brand which has nailed the 'perfect' fragrance. Further the vintage like packaging with the cutest names possible make Soap and Glory products a must have for every girl! Flake away is one such body scrub from the brand which has totally mesmerized me.

Price- Rs 350 approx (mini tub)

Key Ingredients:

-Sea Salt
-Shea Butter
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Peach Seed Powder

The product comes in a plastic pink tub and you have to use your fingers to dig out the scrub. I would have preferred a tube like packaging as it is more hygenic and easier to work with when you have slippery wet hands. Talking of fragrance it is definately scented. It is a very difficult fragrance to describe, I would say it is a perfect compilation of sweet, floral and musky scents. The fragrance lingers for a long time after shower.

The texture of Flake Away is like a thick oily light brown paste with salty seed like granules which dissolve as you scrub away with water.
I massage the scrub on damp skin and it gets rid of any dry/flaky skin miraculously. The scrub is moisturising since it is oil based, and leaves a glossy feel after application. However it is not greasy. In short the scrub does everything that is required for my skin. It is not harsh, but it may irritate bruised skin as it is salty.

  • pleasantly perfumed
  • mild
  • moisturising
  • reduces dry flaky skin
  • granules are soft and not harsh
  • pink packaging
  • tub packaging
  • pricey
  • availibilty

" Soap And Glory Flake Away has done wonders in helping me eliminate dry skin. I am already on my second tub of flake away and plan to never stop using it. Have you given this scrub a shot? How has it worked for you? Do Share!"


  1. this looks yummy :D


  2. Oh, that looks really good! I like Soap & Glory a lot in general, but I think that I like sugar scrub better, though, because my skin is easily irritated. If my skin wasn't so sensitive, I'd totally give this a try! :o)

    1. I am a fan of sugar scrubs too, I think it makes a perfect lip scrub :)


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