Friday, 28 February 2014

Victoria's Secret-Beauty Rush Sweet Tease Daily Moisture Body Lotion

I totally believe in moisturizing my body all the year round but with Summer already knocking our door (in Pune) i had to give up using my daily body butter. 
I love using a luxurious brand like Victoria Secrets in my shower routine which perks up my mood with amazing fragrance and make me feel special. I also find that these lotions do a better job in keeping the body moisturised than others.
So i went to buy a birthday gift for a friend, and as usual i ended up buying some thing for myself too.

First thing i was attracted to was the packaging of the lotion. It not only feels but also looks luxorious! 
 Like all other items of VS this stuff smells awesome. Just like the name suggests it is sweet and delicious! I would describe the scent as berries with a hint of vanilla in it.
 People often ask me what fragrance i am wearing when i layer this lotion under a sweet foody perfume. The fragrance of the body lotion does linger on for quite some time as well.
 The texture of the cream is not heavy. I would say it is a bit on the runny side, which is why i find it perfect for summers. 

PRICE- Rs 720 for 200 ml

  • light moisturizer,good for summers
  • smells delicious
  • lingering fragrance
  • makes a sweet perfume last longer
  • cute packaging
  • the biggest con is not a surprise, it is not easily available in india.
  • pricey
  • people who dont like sweet scents stay away

Last Words-

I absolutely love this lotion. However the smell can be over powering for some. So i would suggest you to smell it before you spend. I also believe this was a limited edition but you can chase for it easily on online shopping websites. 


  1. Lovely dear....the product looks pretty good...thx for sharing honey...:-)


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