Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Sephora Experience+ budget haul!

Okay, so i have been to my sister's place (Delhi) two times in the past 1 year and the very first thing i have to do as i reach there, is cry out ''SEPHORA''! Seriously Sephora opening in India was the best news for all we beauties, and i really hope they open their online website soon. Also, they are opening a second store in Delhi, this makes me so jealous! Okay, so i better share my haul with you guys now, i can go on and on about 'sephora' (until i'm asked to stop)! 

My Experience-So, i've been to sephora 2 times now and yes, i did some homework before going there. I got to know at first from my research that the Indian Sephora was pricier in comparison to States (well, truly speaking i was not surprised).  The second thing was that many people complained regarding the staff not being very helpful. However, speaking of my experience i would call it a rather 'pleasant' one. In fact i came out of the store very happy and satisfied. I think either the staff got changed or i was just lucky to meet the courteous ones. I personally found a girl named 'Meenakshi' very helpful.

Haul from my latest trip-

(From left to right)
1. The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Foam. Price- Rs. 400
2. Soap And Glory Flake Away-Price- Rs 350 approx.
3. Sephora head to toe moisturiser- Rs 720
4. The Face Shop hyaluronic acid face mask-Rs 100 per sheet.

So, you can call this haul of mine to be a budgetary one! I wanted to try a variety of products this time. And i hope to share the reviews with you soon.

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