Monday, 27 February 2017

Victoria’s Secret Amber Romance Shimmer Mist Review

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Today I am going to discuss one such body mist by Victoria's Secret which has sparkles along with amazing smell. Now there are hardly any fragrances that VS makes and I dont like. But this one in particular has been my all time favourite. It is fresh and warm at the same time.

Price- Rs 750 for 250 ml (prices vary across places) 

Product Description: Ignite an Amber Romance, a sensual embrace of sultry amber and crème anglaise. 

The product comes in a transparent bottle and the spray provided is easy to use. One can see the shimmer from outside which makes the product beautiful to look at. If I had to describe the fragrance without reading the notes, then I would describe it as a sweet but mature scent. It is not sugary sweet, it is more of a milky/creamy scent that is sensual and rich.

The mist contains tiny glitter sparkles which are golden in color. The sparkles do not spread or cause any irritation. Also the glitters are not too much, they are tiny and they evenly spread. So, you wont be looking like a disco ball while wearing it. The fragrance and sparkles last all day. If you happen to layer it with the same family range then the fragrance comes out more beautifully and lasts even longer. 

"The VS Amber Romance Shimmer Mist is a sexy deep scent that is perfect for all the year round. It adds glamour and weight to your look. This is my 2nd bottle and this proves how much I love this scent. Amber Romance can definitely be described as an 'official' VS fragrance. Have you tried it yet?

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