Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pond's Gold Radiance Boosting Cleansing Mousse- Review

To begin with i would like to explain my skin type, it gets very dry and flaky in winters and a little oily during summers..sob..sob!
This winter when my skin was acting crazy i opted for this cleanser. Also, this was my first step towards trying an anti-ageing product. 

Price- Rs 350/ for 150 ml

Packaging- Golden colored bottle with pump style diffuser. 

The face wash reminds me of Himalaya face wash foam. It is neither too creamy nor gel like. The face wash does not seem to be too soapy like many other face washes.  I would describe the texture as a lighter version of hair mousse. It is not over drying on my face and also cleaned my face well and hence i did not face any breakouts.

One more point worth noting is that this product will never finish! I swear, you just need one pump and so it goes on forever...i personally have it since 2 months now!!
Till this point i have no complains with the face wash. BUT the major set back is the 'smell'. Ive never come across a worse smelling face wash. Seriously it is so unpleasant this it makes me overlook all the favorable things about the product and just concentrate on the SMELL! My roommate too finds it gross..
I wish Pond's had not done this!

  • cleanses the face well
  • moisturises so good for dry skin
  • no soapy feel
  • attractive packaging
  • will last long
  • smell might be unpleasant to many

Last Words-

If you have dry skin and if the smell does not bother you much, you can consider buying it.

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