Saturday, 22 February 2014

Little Things!

So, i thought of sharing some cute little things in my stash with you. I am a sucker for cute stuff..i buy things knowing that i may never get a chance to use them.  However the things that i am going to share with you today are surprisingly coming to great use for me. While buying these things i was quite sure that these things would just end up looking cute in my stash until one fine day, when i would get bored and give it all away!

Okay so the first thing i am going to share is a beautiful pair of feather earrings that i got from FC Road few days back. It looks so delicate and seems perfect for welcoming summers! Some day i hope to post a picture of me wearing it.

price- Rs 100/- 


Time to share my 3 little dahlings which do an amazing job keeping my hair in place. I have long hair which is quite difficult to tie and keep in place. No matter how much i try, my hair would always open and get messy in a couple of hours.

The left most blue accessory is a rubber band which reminds me of a telephone wire...isnt that cool?
The band is of great quality and does not get entangled with my hair. 
The accessory in the middle of the picture is that of a pair of neon pink snap clip. Yeah, i too gave in to the 'neon craving'!
Lastly the neon pink hair stick travelled all the way from Korea to reach me. They are dirt cheap and i believe you can easily get it in India too. It is so easy to make a bun with this stick. It looks super feminine and gives you a neat look. 
price of all these accessories was under Rs 100.
I can undoubtedly conclude that these cute little things are very important in a girl's world.
Go ahead and share the most cute and useful things in your stash..xoxo!


  1. Such cute stuff dear...loved your earrings...:-)


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