Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines Day :Pink and Grey Eyeshadow Look

Hello people!

I am sorry for disappearing last month, I was so busy with my engagement preparations. Thankfully everything went off well, and soon I will be doing a detailed post on my makeup and on what i was wearing that day.
For today, I have prepared a special Valentines Day look for all you lovely ladies. It is a soft pink and grey eyeshadow look with glitters. It is a look that is perfect for wearing on your lunch date.

Steps involved-

  • Begin by using an eyeshadow primer, this will make the pink color pop and the tiny glitters will have less fall out.
  • Pat in a 'candy pink' matte eyeshadow in the entire lid area, concentrating more towards the inner corners (tear ducts). Also apply it below your lower lash line.
  • Then pick a matte grey eyeshadow and place it in the outer 'v' of the eyelid and start blending in the windshield wiper motion.
  • Then go ahead with a glittery grey eyeshadow on top of the outer v and move towards the crease to create a soft smokey look.
  • Apply a subtle skin colored eyeshadow below the eyebrow. Make sure the 'grey' eyeshadow smoothly transits to the upper crease area and blends with skin colored eyeshadow.
  • Pat in a pink glitter eyeshadow on top of the inner lid area (over the matte pink).
  • In the centre pat in a transparent/white glitter to create 3d effect. Blend out any harsh edeges with a clean blending brush.
  • For a slightly edgy look I went for a cat eyeliner (optional) and followed up with loads of mascara.
And we are done! Trust me the tutorial is long but this eyeshadow look is simple and easy to create. It just involves 2 colors-pink and grey. Blending is the key to all eyeshadow looks so never compromise on that!

Products used- Eye Primer, Pink,Grey & Transparent Eyeshadows used from Sephora Makeup Academy Palette. Maybelline hypersharp Eyeliner and Colorbar kohl Intense Eyeliner in Blackened, Maybelline Falsies Mascara and Rimmel London Volume Flash Scalandaleyes Mascara.

"I think the 'grey' really makes the 'pink' pop. The tiny glitters will look awesome when sunlight reflects on it. 
The eyeshadow look is unique and will surely make you look like a candy doll, this V Day!"
What are your plans for the special Day.. I think I am going to feel lazy and end up napping all day!


Thank you so much for reading and please do share your thoughts! I read all your comments and try sincerely to reply to each one of you :)