Monday, 29 December 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink 010 Review + Swatch

Hello Angels!

The Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink has been lying with me since quite sometime now. I must admit that it belongs to 'that' section of my makeup stash which goes untouched for days. I just picked it thinking it never harms to own an extra pink lippie.
Price- Rs 475/-


As the name suggests the lipgloss is a vibrant pink shade with tiny silver glitters. The shade is a nice and bold, something which all ladies would love to own.

The packaging of the lipgloss is nothing special. The applicator is too long for me. I wish it would be smaller to give me more control for applying the product evenly. The picture below shows just half the size of the applicator, in reality it is much taller than this.

The lipgloss goes opaque after 2 or more swipes and lasts hardly for an hour. It has a slightly sticky and gritty texture which is why I have been avoiding the lipgloss since ages! It is fine to be used over a pink lipstick for that extra bit of sheen. However remember that it leaves behind those sparkles on your lips and for some (like me) it can be extremely annoying!

 "Hot pink is a pretty pink shade which can be made brighter by really building up the shade. However the more you apply the product the stickier it gets. The shade can be categorised as a common one and since this kind of a pink is not hard to find in other brands, I wouldn't be repurchasing this!"

Kohlcrush asks: Have you tried the Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss range? They have been around for a while, so which are your favourite shades from this line?


  1. that's a really lovely shade on you. great blog <3

  2. I havn't tried any of these yet but it looks great nd this shade particulary is so beautiful! Lovely Swatch :)

    1. yes the shade is pretty but I wish it wasnt gritty in texture!

  3. the gloss looks adorable on you..but i hate sticky glosses so would skip it :)

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