Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Lush Shower Jelly Sweetie Pie- party in the bath?

Hello beauties,

Today i am going to share with you a product that is my mother's favourite! I had got this as a gift for her and ever since then she has gone from pots to pots of these jellies and never seemed to have got enough.

price- Rs 550 for 100gms

The fragrance of the product is just as the name suggests, sweet. The moment you open the pot, it fills the room with it's sweet smell. It is a strong scent that lasts very long after application.

The texture of the product is jelly like. One can see fine sparkles on the product but they dont get transferred on the skin after application. Application is the part I find the most tricky. If one is not careful while handling the product the jelly just slips away and falls. One convenient way of application that i discovered was to carefully apply the jelly on a loofah or bath sponge and then use it. That way it does not slip away from my hands. The product does a fair job cleansing my skin and does not leave any residue behind.

According to product description one can use the Lush Shower Jelly on your skin as well as hair. I, however have never tried it on my hair, simply because I thought it would be quite difficult to wash my hair with a slippery jelly (also I was scared some pieces of it might be left on my hair..).However if applied on hair, i am sure this product would leave one's hair smelling delicious!


  • smells delicious
  • makes bathing fun
  • cleanses well
  • lasts long


  • biggest con would be its difficult application
  • some may find pot application unhygienic
  • people who dislike sweet smell will not like the fragrance
  • pricey

last words-

Overall, the Lush Shower Jelly in Sweetie Pie makes bathing real fun for me. However it is not apt for those days when we need a quick shower. Also, it is not meant for those who dislike strong & sweet fragrances.


  1. A nice product bt this brand has shut down in India now...

  2. Sounds good!


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