Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Fragrance Mist - Coconut Pineapple

This is my very first review. I thought of starting with Bath and Body Works as I am crazy about this brand. Today i am going to review the Coconut Pineapple Fragrance Mist launched by Bath and Body Works. I bought this product from an Online Indian website (

price-Rs 650/- for 236 ml.

Personal experience-
Talking about fragrance, I absolutely love it. It makes me feel as if I was in a tropical place! Also, the fragrance is overwhelming. The good part is that the fragrance of coconut is not overpowering. However you need to be in the perfect mood while wearing this scent as it is on the sweeter side. 
I have heard that the fragrance of mists don't last long. But this one contradicts our belief and lingers on for hours. The bottle is big enough and no matter how hard you try it just wont finish! As you can see in the picture above i have hardly finished half of the product in a year.

  • fragrance is sweet but makes you feel fresh at the same time
  • lingers on for hours
  • reasonable pricing 
  • cute packaging
  • availability in India can be a problem


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